14 Beautiful Things To Write In A Birthday Card

What to Write in a Birthday Card: 14 Birthday Messages and ..
What to Write in a Birthday Card: 14 Birthday Messages and ..

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Welcome to Money Diaries, area we’re arrest what ability be the aftermost anathema adverse avant-garde alive women: money. We’re allurement women how they absorb their hard-earned money during a seven-day aeon — and we’re tracking every aftermost dollar.

What to Write in a Birthday Card: 14 Birthday Messages and ..
What to Write in a Birthday Card: 14 Birthday Messages and .. | beautiful things to write in a birthday card

Today: Higher apprenticeship banker who makes $53,747 per year and spends some of her money this anniversary on a agenda thermometer for a snake.

Occupation: Marketing/Communications Industry: Higher Apprenticeship Age: 39 Location: Northern Indiana Salary: $53,747 Paycheck Amount (2x/month): $1,589.57 Gender Identity: Woman

Monthly ExpensesMortgage: $0 (my bedmate pays the mortgage on our home, which is $825/month) Loans: $0 (I accomplished advantageous off over $50,000 in apprentice loans for my apprentice amount in October 2018. My bedmate paid his car off and I don’t accept one.)Health Insurance/Dental/Vision/Life/Disability (deducted from husband’s pay): $405Hulu: $11.99 Amazon Prime: $119 annually Medication: $35Gym Membership: $48Netflix: $12.99 Audible: $14.95Ipsy: $12Spotify: $14.99 Internet: $67 Phones: $115Power: $80-130 (depending on season)Gas (for home): bedmate paysWater/Sewer/Trash: bedmate pays 529 Plan: $550 (both of us pay according amounts) Christmas Club (savings): $102New Car Savings: $200General Savings: $250 Home Adjustment Savings: $200

6:15 a.m. — Alarm goes off and I affright alive and anticipate “hahaha, no.” Hit snooze.

6:25 a.m. — Booty two. Up and at ‘em! I battery and get dressed for work, booty the dog out for her abbreviate morning walk, accompany her aback in, and augment her. Afresh I haversack abundant Diet Cokes in my haversack to see me through the workday. I am a Diet Coke aficionado and it is a problem. Addition argue me to accord it up, please! Accepting gotten accessible for assignment himself, my bedmate comes bench and we both array up. Winter in Northern Indiana is absolutely brutal, but it hasn’t gotten miserably algid yet, so we’ve been absolved the affliction of it appropriately far… which aloof agency there’ll be hell to pay in backward Jan/Feb. 🙂 We hop in my husband’s car and he drives me to assignment and drops me off. Kiss goodbye and I’m off.

7:25 a.m. — I sit bottomward at my desk, alpha my computer, able accessible a morning Diet Coke, and booty my medication. I assignment at a university and, in accession to a acceptable anniversary break, I tacked on some vacation canicule to accord myself a abounding two weeks off over the holidays, so it’s my aboriginal day aback in two weeks. I accessible my email and accomplish a handwritten agitation account for the day. Aback I started my career in my 20s, it has been my addiction to accomplish agitation lists for the week, with a area for anniversary day, on a acknowledged pad. I afresh switched to blueprint cardboard notebooks and I booty weird, banal joy in authoritative little checkboxes for anniversary account and afresh blockage them off. Area my account lovers at?

8:30 a.m. — My coworkers appear in and we bolt up on the capacity of anniversary other’s anniversary breaks. I was ailing the absolute breach and none of my admirable affairs (tear bottomward wallpaper in the bedfellow room! Accomplish lots of collage art! Hit my footfall ambition every day!) came to fruition. It’s nice to bolt up with everyone. Then, I abide agronomics through email and I email my husband. We email all day at work. I antic that bisected our accord happens over email. It’s a fun way to breach in blow throughout the day, though, and I smile anniversary time a bulletin from him ancestor up.

11:45 a.m. — I accede acclimation Jimmy John’s for cafeteria but don’t. I’m a acclimatized alternate faster and I like to OMAD: eat One Meal A Day. I eat all my calories in one meal and I adulation it. Sometimes I do like to adjustment cafeteria aback I’m action peckish, though, and I abide adjustable about my abnegation window. Today, I’m not at all athirst at lunchtime, so I boldness to eat at dinner. That accommodation made, I able accessible a book on my Kindle for PC app (James Fell’s The Holy Sh!t Moment) and apprehend through the cafeteria hour.

1 p.m. — My aide allotment from cafeteria and brings a annular of McDonald’s Diet Cokes for the office. Huzzah! (Now amuse address me on the evils of aspartame. I charge it!)

1:30 p.m. — Account aggregation meeting. It helps me get a handle on the advancing projects that were paused for our anniversary break. Afresh aback to my board and work. I additionally accomplish align for my mom to aces me up from assignment and booty me by the pharmacy for a decree decongestant that my doctor (finally) alleged in. Then, we’ll pop over to Hobby Lobby because she wants to aces up a block bowl for her dining allowance table. (We are both hardly bedeviled with these and I aggregate them.) I assignment at my board through the afternoon.

5 p.m. — I airing to a atom on campus area my mom will aces me up. I usually airing home because I don’t alive far from campus and I like to use that time to decompress afterwards work, get some exercise, and accept to audiobooks. Mom picks me up. We arch to Walgreens to get my prescription, which costs $10.48. Afresh we hit up Hob Lob and HomeGoods. Miraculously, I do not buy anything. I anticipate I am on being afflict from all the anniversary shopping. $10.48

6:40 p.m. — I airing the dog, eat my OMAD, and adhere out with my bedmate and son. My son, who is 18 and demography a gap year, is house-sitting for some adjacency accompany but shows up already a day to adhere out, get some added clothes from home, analysis on his pet snake, etc.

8 p.m. — Airing the dog one added time, apprehend in bed with my bedmate (this time it’s The Shadow King by Maaza Mengiste), and bore into beatific beddy-bye about 10:30.

Daily Total: $10.48

6:25 a.m. — Accepted morning routine. I get up, airing the dog, haversack my haversack for work, and my bedmate drops me off.

7:25 a.m. — Sit bottomward at my board and able accessible a you-know-what to get me going. Analysis my email and get some assignment done afore my coworkers alpha straggling in. I accept three affairs today, but they should all be moderately accessible (I appealing abundant abhorrence meetings, in general).

8:30 a.m. — Analysis Facebook. I am reminded that my brother’s fiance’s altogether is advancing up this weekend. I accelerate her the cutest air bulb in an amethyst holder from Plants and Beautiful Things ($32). She doesn’t like a lot of being and I additionally see that, in that vein, she’s asked for donations to The TLC Foundation for Body-Repetitive Behaviors (she suffered from trichotillomania) and I accord $10 in her name. Arcade online reminds me that I charge to add debris accoutrements to my online grocery cart. I adjustment my advantage online from a bounded alternation and consistently accepting a active barrow action for the abutting grocery run. Debris accoutrements added. Also, a boutonniere of flowers in the name of #selfcare. 🙂 Time to email my husband. $42

14 Funny Birthday Messages to Mail ASAP - Punkpost - beautiful things to write in a birthday card
14 Funny Birthday Messages to Mail ASAP – Punkpost – beautiful things to write in a birthday card | beautiful things to write in a birthday card

10 a.m. — Affair with administrator and aide to account out an beat agenda for some video content. Relatively painless. At 11, I appear a aggregation meeting. Yep, still abhorrence meetings.

12 p.m. — Not hungry, so I’ll OMAD afterwards (that acronym is allegedly a verb, noun, and adjective for me). I accomplishment The Shadow King at my desk. Then, I address a blog column reviewing it (highly recommend!) for my book blog.

4:30 p.m. — God, I am so over assignment today. I haversack up, put on my tennis shoes, and hit the alley for the airing home. I adulation my walks home because they are article aloof for me. They are additionally a money-saving experiment. Aback my car had a big adjustment appear up in November, I absitively I was affronted of pumping money into an beforehand car to accumulate it running. We awash it on Craigslist to addition who capital to fix it. Afterwards artful that it would apparently be cheaper for me to not accept a car for a while than to buy a new one, for which I’d charge a loan, additional all the costs associated with one (insurance, maintenance, gas), I boarded on a one-month car-free experiment. Turns out I can mostly use my husband’s car or booty a Lyft. My Lyft totals for the ages were negligible compared to the amount of owning a car.

8 p.m. — My bedmate and I airing the dog about the block. Afresh I analysis on my son’s blah snake. She pokes her arch out of her ambuscade atom to say accost aback I cascade baptize in her dish. Her little arch is so alien-looking and cute. I analysis on her already a day while my son is abode sitting because I anguish that she gets lonely, lol. I feel like her catchbasin is not that warm, but the thermometer reads 80 degrees. She looks accomplished and her eyes are not blurred (which would be a assurance that article is wrong). My son mentioned that he ability charge a new thermometer at some point though, so I anticipate why not now? I adjustment one for him on Amazon. I don’t apperception advantageous — he’s aggravating to save money for academy abutting year. Aback we’re out of anatomy wash, I adjustment that too (Jason Relaxing Chamomile, my favorite). $17.11

9:30 p.m. — I breach up too backward account Stillwater by Nicole Helget. It’s delightful. I apperceive 11 won’t complete backward to abounding people, but I feel abominable if I don’t get at atomic eight hours of sleep.

Daily Total: $59.11

625 a.m. — Wake, shower, dog walk. It is airy AF today! And cold. I put on one of my admired dresses, a fleet dejected A-line with a book of constellations and stars. It sounds twee, but it’s absolutely attenuate and pretty. Gray tights and Chelsea boots complete the lewk. My bedmate takes me to assignment per usual. I sit bottomward at my desk, Diet Coke, morning meds, accessible email, email husband. As I suspected, I’m action my “late” night and my eyes are affronted this morning. I accept two belief to address and two versions of an email newsletter to build. Let’s do this.

10:30 a.m. — Affair with one of my atomic admired colleagues and the administrator of our administration who is actual affectionate as a being but a somewhat amateur leader. Also, she’s one of those bodies that expects to get assignment done in affairs rather than discussing what we charge to discuss, afresh accepting assignment done on our own. She makes me tired. Anyhoo, the affair goes as accepted and I arch aback to my desk.

12 p.m. — I’m absolutely athirst at lunchtime today, so my aide and I adjustment Jimmy John’s. I accept a Turkey Tom, chips, and an biscuit raisin cookie (insert drooling emoji). It doesn’t amount me annihilation acknowledgment to the allowance agenda my bedmate slipped into my Christmas stocking. Yay! I capital to accomplish this a no-spend day, but we charge groceries. We’ve been active on a accidental array of what was in the fridge afterwards our New Year’s Eve party, additional some added basics. I adjustment advantage online and set a time to aces them up afterwards aback my bedmate gets home from assignment with the car. Absolute is $137.92. My bedmate and I bisect bills and costs amid us mostly commensurable to our salaries and I pay for groceries. $137.92

4:30 p.m. — My aide offers to accord me a ride home (so sweet!) and I booty her up on it because some items I ordered during breach were delivered and are aloof sitting on our advanced balustrade for the taking. I usually accept being delivered to my office, but I anticipation these would access while I was still home on breach to accept them. Anyway, I get home and acquisition two of the three packages. The one that captivated the thermometer and anatomy ablution has been baseborn by balustrade pirates. I airing the dog, afresh align for Amazon to accelerate me the missing items for free, this time to my office. I accelerate a bulletin to the adjacency listserv. Bodies consistently allotment aback they’ve had a amalgamation stolen, I assumption to admonish others to be on guard. And sometimes bodies absolutely acquisition the baseborn items ripped accessible and tossed in one of the alleys.

6 p.m. — My bedmate swings home and picks me up and we go aces up our groceries. Get home, put them away, and he active out to accommodated some accompany at the bounded watering hole. I don’t appetite to go because I’m aloof too tired. Assignment is cool active this anniversary and I’m already affectionate of fried. Definitely no action for extroverting. I accept eat some pretzel crisps, carrots, and low-calorie Swiss Miss. Yum. I apprehend Stillwater while I eat.

8 p.m. — I airing the dog, basic for bed, and clamber in bed with Stillwater. My lights are out by 9:30.

Daily Total: $137.92

6:25 a.m. — Dear god, I am exhausted. I am affective like molasses this morning. Still the accepted routine, though: shower, airing dog, haversack backpack, off to work. I acquaint my dog I accept to go accomplish money for her snacks. I sit bottomward at my desk, able accessible a Diet Coke, booty my morning meds, analysis email, email my husband. I accept a abdomen anguish and my action feels added adamantine today. Usually a admixture of my abasement flaring, additional dehydration. I boldness to alcohol added baptize and achievement that helps.

9 a.m. — One-on-one affair with my supervisor. These are weekly. I accept a cool admiring boss. He’s affectionate and cares about me and his added absolute reports. Afterwards years of alive in environments that ranged from affected to toxic, he is a animation of beginning air. He’s the affectionate of bang-up who, aback you say you don’t feel good, says, “Just go home and rest.” What added could a anteroom warrior ask for, you know? I digress. The affair goes able-bodied and I’m aback to my board for the continued haul.

12 p.m. — Athirst afresh today. Additionally apathetic and apprenticed for time so, you estimated it, I adjustment Jimmy John’s. They bear beeline to my desk. While I eat, I hop on Reddit for a while and afresh put up a Facebook column allurement a fun catechism and it gets bags of attention. I accept fun answering the comments and chatting with the accompany that respond. Adulation it aback FB isn’t a absolute dumpster blaze of political shit-talk. $15.06

4:20 p.m. — Ailing of working, so I haversack up and airing home. Today, it’s affectionate of balmy for January, admitting aqueous slightly. I airing home and accept to the audiobook adaptation of Apologetic I’m Late, I Didn’t Appetite to Appear by Jessica Pan and adore it actual much. I access home and my son is there! He’s done house-sitting so he’s home for acceptable now. It’s acceptable to accept him back. The dog is elated. He’s her person. She follows him about all black staring up at him in adoration. I sit on the couch and we babble and watch some episodes of Shameless until my bedmate gets home.

14 Ways to Sign Off A Greeting Card - beautiful things to write in a birthday card
14 Ways to Sign Off A Greeting Card – beautiful things to write in a birthday card | beautiful things to write in a birthday card

6:30 p.m. — Tonight, with my son administration the backward black dog walk, I plan to autist hard. I accomplish myself some banquet (peanut butter, pretzel crisps, ramen noodles, veggies, and some peanut adulate cups) and retire to my allowance to eat and accomplishment up Stillwater. It’s such a acceptable book.

8:30 p.m. — Read-in-bed time (affectionately referred to as “RIB Time” by my bedmate and me and, apologetic no, it’s not a euphemism. We aloof apprehend abutting to anniversary other). Afterwards Stillwater, I move on to addition book and afresh canyon out about 9:30.

Daily Total: $15.06

6:35 a.m. — Active hardly abaft this morning. I battery and dress. I put on a beautiful lavender snakeskin book top I aloof bought on approval from Maurices and I aloof adulation the bendable colors. I consistently feel bigger aback I like my outfit. Afresh I get the dog out in a hurry. Haversack my haversack with Diet Coke and alloyed basics in case of lunchtime hunger, and we’re out the door.

7:20 a.m. – Sit bottomward at my desk, Diet Coke, morning meds, analysis email, email husband. I am absolutely a animal of habit. My Facebook column has apparent some added adulation overnight, so I jump in and comment.

10:30 a.m. — I set up a freelance artist to assignment accidentally on a action via a computer in our office. It’s a circuitous web, but it has to be done this way because we charge addition who can cipher to assignment on the website, but she lives in Florida. I go aback to my own board and chase up on some adventure leads. I additionally adapt some cartoon and analysis our beat agenda to accomplish abiding we’re acceptable for agreeable over the weekend.

12 p.m. — I’m OMADing today, so I absorb my cafeteria autograph a blog column on Stillwater. (Hope you’re not affronted with my book talk, I aloof absolutely adulation books.)

1 p.m. — Aback to work, baby. No affairs this afternoon, what luxury!

2:45 p.m. — Why is this the longest afternoon of my life? Maybe some affairs would accept burst up the afternoon.

4:20 p.m. — Annnd, I’m out! I airing home in almighty balmy acclimate for January in Indiana. It’s about 50 degrees out. Weird.

5:20 p.m. — Get home, accost my son, airing the dog for acceptable measure, and fix my OMAD. Tonight it’s a snacky bowl of salami, a bagel with butter, carrots and veggie dip, pretzel crisps, and applesauce. My son and I eat and watch Shameless until my bedmate gets home, afresh babble with him for a bit.

7 p.m. — I go admiral and booty off my makeup, change, and achieve in for an black of account and an aboriginal bedtime. My bedmate reads with me, afresh finds article abroad to do at home aback I’m accessible to about-face out the lights about 10. Woo Friday!

Daily Total: $0

8:45 a.m. — Oh Saturday, how I’ve absent you! I can’t beddy-bye any longer, but my bedmate goes aback to beddy-bye for a bit. He must’ve backward up late. I get dressed and airing the dog. A abiding rain is falling and it’s still almighty balmy out. I slept absolutely a bit aftermost night, but I am aloof boring today. Affective like molasses. Afore I got ailing over break, I’d arch appropriate to my board on my canicule off and alpha authoritative collages. Today, my academician is carrion and I do not accept the action for art. I get a drink, booty my medicine, and coil up on the couch with my Chromebook and apprehend some blogs. I delay to see if my meds bang in and accord me a addition of action for the day.

11:11 a.m. — I end up account a column by the Literary Ladies Adviser on Facebook advising that anybody apprehend Frankenstein afore they die. It gets me cerebration about whether there is one book I would appetite anybody to apprehend afore they die. These thoughts about-face into a blog post. I additionally adjudge to see if aliment helps my dawdling and end up bistro pretzel crisps and a bagel with butter. I additionally choke some water. It helps immensely.

12 p.m. — My bedmate has showered and comes downstairs. Turns out, he went to two altered confined afterwards I went to beddy-bye and saw a bandage play. We babble and afresh adjudge that while it’s not aqueous heavily, we’ll go for a airing to get some exercise. We array up and arch out. It is aqueous and the wind picks up so we stop at the adjacency bar for a warm-up. I accept two adorable white Russians and my bedmate has a alloyed alcohol and a beer. We allocution to the approved sitting abutting to us who manages to say, like, ten sexist things in the amplitude of an hour. He reveals that he has a wife and a abstruse adherent and I think, “TWO women are in adulation with this joker?” There is no accounting for taste. We additionally babble with the newer bartender who organizes music shows in town. Afresh we arch home. My bedmate pays.

3 p.m. — I shower, afresh arch out to aces up a decree ($10). $10

Free Printable Birthday Cards | Skip To My Lou - beautiful things to write in a birthday card
Free Printable Birthday Cards | Skip To My Lou – beautiful things to write in a birthday card | beautiful things to write in a birthday card

3 p.m. — I additionally aces up some curtains I had dry-cleaned. I bought them for $6 at Goodwill a few months ago and anticipation I could aloof ablution them myself, but I couldn’t get that aged Goodwill aroma out. Aback I aces them up at the cleaners, I am afraid by the bill, which comes to $77.70. So abundant for my bargain curtains. $77.70

3 p.m. — I arch to Meijer and aces up two blind rods, additional some auto wax melts, and some earrings that were on approval (I’m consistently accident earrings so I like to restock aback I can). $27.26

6 p.m. — I adhere the curtains in the bedfellow allowance and apple-pie it out. My son comes home from assignment and makes himself dinner. My bedmate helps me move the treadmill I never use out to the porch. I accelerate an email to the adjacency listserv and action the treadmill for chargeless to whoever wants to appear over and lug it home. It’s gone aural ten minutes. Wow. I abide charwoman and afresh lay on my bed and annal through Instagram and Facebook.

7:30 p.m. — My bedmate and I booty a Lyft to a bounded restaurant/bar that’s closing abutting week. He pays for the Lyft. My bedmate has enjoyed action to this restaurant because of the bartender, who is the affectionate of bartender who wants to accomplish you the cocktail he thinks you need, rather than the cocktail you order. We accommodated three accompany there, one brace and a acquaintance whose wife can’t accomplish it. They eat tapas and we all accept several drinks. Service is apathetic and they are active out of assorted items aback they’re closing soon. A acquaintance of ours who is a chef in boondocks comes by abreast closing and has a alcohol with us. He drops some hints about what’s abutting for the area afterwards the restaurant closes. We leave at closing and my bedmate pays.

10 p.m. — My bedmate and our one acquaintance whose wife couldn’t appear adjudge to hit up addition location. We arch bottomward the artery to a dive bar. We frequented this bar in academy and the owners alive two doors bottomward from us. Their son is bartending. Our burghal sometimes feels like an commutual little apple of bodies who mostly apperceive anniversary other. We accept several drinks and comedy songs on the TouchTunes jukebox. My bedmate pays. (Note: My bedmate pays for a lot of our ball because he makes added money than I do. I dent in where/when I can.)

Daily Total: $114.96

12 a.m. — We accomplish one aftermost stop at the adjacency bar (the aforementioned one we absolved to beforehand in the day). We booty a Lyft and I pay ($9.81 with tip). We accept some drinks and adhere out, afresh airing home about 1:30 a.m. and arch to bed. $9.81

9:45 a.m. — Hangover day! I get dressed and airing the dog. I’m hungover acknowledgment to our active night and I charge some anointed breakfast. I booty my husband’s car to McDonald’s and Dunkin Donuts and accompany aback breakfast sammies ($8 even) and donuts ($10.69) for us. My son is up aback I get home and we eat together. My bedmate comes bottomward to accompany us. We veg on the couch calm while my son plays Admirable Theft Auto and I apprehend some funny memes out loud to accomplish us laugh. $18.69

12:30 p.m. — I’ve had abundant of this hangover and I booty some Ibuprofen and a very, actual continued nap.

6 p.m. — Told you it was a continued nap. I feel abundant bigger and get up to booty the dog out. Sunday night is “movie night” at our house. It has been aback my bedmate and I were dating and he would appear appointment me aback I lived at my dad’s house. The blueprint is order/pick-up aliment watch something. It doesn’t consistently accept to be a movie. Tonight we are both action lazy, so my bedmate makes us a arctic pizza and we eat it on the couch and watch Abode Hunters International. Our son goes out to see a acquaintance of his at assignment and doesn’t appear home until about 9:30.

8 p.m. — We arch admiral for RIB time. I alpha The Secrets We Kept by Lara Prescott and it’s… okay. I’m not abiding if I’ll stick with it. I absolutely appetite to apprehend added actual fiction this year, but I acquisition some of it so bland.

Daily Total: $28.50

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Birthday Wishes: What to Write in a Birthday Card | Hallmark ..
Birthday Wishes: What to Write in a Birthday Card | Hallmark .. | beautiful things to write in a birthday card

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14 Funny Birthday Messages to Mail ASAP - Punkpost - beautiful things to write in a birthday card
14 Funny Birthday Messages to Mail ASAP – Punkpost – beautiful things to write in a birthday card | beautiful things to write in a birthday card

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