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Bataaiye kahan se bachegi beti…? jab ghar hi nahi honge… sar pe chhat nahi hogi to kahan se bachegi beti? (when we’ll acquire no roof aloft our heads, aback there’ll be no homes left, how will our daughters be safe?) A babe in blush shirt, a little adolescent to me, shouting alongside abounding added whose homes were actuality access appropriate in advanced of their eyes as they watched the walls actuality access afar forth with endless memories that were bashed on to them. “she is so young! She should be adequate her childhood… she should be playing… she should be studying. Instead, she is captivation her ancestors calm in the affliction of times”- I thought, as I hopped assimilate the bike with Achintya. It was too abundant to take, we were branch aback to home… to our adequate beds.

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Prayagraj ( beforehand accepted as Allahabad), a angelic city, anchored about the basin of two of the best admirable and angelic rivers, Ganga and Yamuna and a allegorical river Saraswati (and the assemblage of these three collectively alleged as “Triveni Sangam”), witnessed a atrocious and massive annihilation drive this Ardhkumbh, 2019. Branded as a massive success, which best of us would not acquisition any acumen to disagree with, the Ardhkumbh came bottomward as anathema aloft bodies active in the barrio in and about the breadth breadth Kumbh happens. I was larboard in atheism aback I saw with my own eyes… wiping out complete communities, abolition houses and markets that were congenital as continued ago as the independence, accouterment no ability or advantage to those who were larboard abandoned while spending bags of crores on statues and name change and agitated publicity, demography abroad memories, abduction privacies away, abstinent academy apprenticeship to kids, barbarous felling of trees… what affectionate of development or success is this? Actuality are bald glimpses of what in the name of development was done to the burghal of Allahabad and some acceptance from the burghal that contrarily go untold with hopes that it’ll bring, alike if a little, awareness.

The complete burghal of Allahabad was abounding of such images of people, breaking bottomward their own ‘homes’.

“apne hi haanthon se apna ghar tod rahe hain”When asked about the aforementioned they said that bulldozers will aperture bottomward the abode to shreds and annihilation that will abide will be of any use so they are accomplishing it on their own…“ekdum se apprehension aata hai bas… hatado, aur koi advantage nahi… kuch nahi.”

Suddenly your own abode that you had gradually developed an adapter to… that you adulation so dearly… all the memories and periods of activity that you aggregate with the place, in a amount of seconds, would be obliterated.

I couldn’t absolutely put a feel on… aback was the aftermost time I’ve had this emotion? Breadth abroad I’ve apparent this abject imagery? And aback my arch was abounding with this thought, “Are we in the average of a war zone… are we in Syria?” The arduous acuteness of annihilation reminded me of the images I had apparent of Syria. There are bodies adversity everywhere. The accomplished burghal looked like fighter jets had bombarded the abode bottomward to rubbles.

The charcoal of a temple which was accustomed in 1838 and speaking about beasts actuality admired in India…where are the Gaurakshaks?

The adult covers the extra allocation of the temple with the blind in adjustment to assure the idols. “humare ghar to theek hai… 200 saal purana mandir bhi gira diya”. Acceptance and acceptance are strange. They cared added about the temples that were access than their homes, I admiration why.

This abode was access aloof a brace of canicule ago. The actuality with a cast captivated about his wrist had aching his duke while demography bottomward his own house.

Teachers Day 13 Speech, Essay, Nibandh, Bhashan, Poems ..
Teachers Day 13 Speech, Essay, Nibandh, Bhashan, Poems .. | teacher day par card kaise banaya jata hai

She lived abandoned in this abode afterwards marrying her daughters off. Her neighbours were her abandoned advice and family, but now there is no neighbourhood left. Every abode of this hole had been demolished.

This acclimated to be her house-cum-room afore her ancestors left, with a bed ample abundant for her to lie bottomward and baby abundant to fit central this tiny room.

This ancestors was the neighbour of that old woman who lived alone. They all lived on a artery alleged “Kali Sadak”. Called afterwards goddess Kali this artery is on the accomplished point of the breadth breadth Kumbh happens. During the floods, Kali Sadak acts as a accustomed dam on which Kalisadak is anchored and protects the burghal from inundation.

To accomplish way to the temple breadth god resides homes were destroyed breadth bodies lived.

“School jaate bachon ko… kaise padhaein…?”

One of the daughters was aback home for a abbreviate while with the grandkids who were abiding from their charge classes.

“Hum log andar hi baithe they jab vo log aae chillte hua, bahar aao… bahar aao, tumhare canyon 1 ghanta hai apna sara saman nikalne ke lia… hum log yaha 30 saal se rehre hai…hum log ki yahin… puri paidaish yahin hai. Hum log kaha jae boyhood boyhood bache leke” “Koi khabar nahi… na koi notice… aur ab na hi koi muavza… compensation”The babe was declared to be giving her assay today… but…“Kya padhna acha lagta hai?… Muje?…. sab kuch” “Kumbh ke liye kitna jagah chahiye?… jitna jagah unko lena ho lelo uske baad hum logon ko seedha bata diya ki hum log ko rehne ki ek kamre ki jagah bhi nahi hai, kahi bhi nahi”

A ancestors demography their abode bottomward brick by brick, allotment by piece… so that they can save as abundant as they can… afore the bulldozers run over their abode antibacterial everything. I was reminded of the abstraction of ‘huzun’ as explained by Orhan Pamuk in his book ‘Istanbul’. The attenuate beatitude and calmness that overwhelms you aback you see the blue of beat out things. The colors of the houses in this bastis were extraordinary. Bright beaming black access walls were all that I could see. A allotment of my academician was cogent me that these would advice me actualize acceptable photographs while the added allotment knew all these colors will perish with the houses and the bodies active in them will all be gone… is this what they alarm development? They absolutely do acquire added colors in life… absolutely and metaphorically. There was a active adorableness in those absurd and austere old houses, which is hardly apparent in which can hardly be begin in a burghal fabricated of accurate these days. It acquainted as if this affectionate of evidence adorableness was actuality taken abroad from Allahabad. Shouldn’t we save them? It feels like burghal activity is a achromatic life… banausic life…. like all the colors acquire breakable away. Cities, megacities, metros, malls, accurate jungles… all of this looks so monotonous. Bodies assignment 9 to 5 afterward a command feed… break in apartments… homes acquire become night shelters… there is no interest, they acquire and they spend… that’s what their lives acquire become.

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While aggravating to abduction the affliction and arduous calibration of the abolition through my lens, I met a brace which larboard me introspecting about my own life. Few years ago, they had absent their babe in a alley blow and today their abode had been uprooted and yet they were aggravating to acquisition beatitude in the little moments of joys.They arrive us into their austere ashen house… there was no roof, abandoned access walls and a aperture was left. They told us breadth they kept their bed. The bend breadth they had congenital their one stove kitchen. They told us how they acclimated to alive in this abode afore they destroyed aggregate forth with the decades and decades of memories they aggregate with it…“aap dono ki umar kitni hogi” — I Asked.“Inse poochoge to ye to abhi bhi unnees (19) saal batengi” — said the bedmate about his wife who was abashed with a big smile on her face. Their optimism and complete attitude appear life, admitting all the miseries they had faced, fabricated me catechism myself. We acquire so abundant added than we absolutely need…still we aren’t as blessed and agreeable as they are, admitting they did not acquire annihilation of their own still they were happier. They absolutely knew how to alive activity better. The added privileges you acquire the beneath you acknowledge it and the beneath you acquire the added you acknowledge it. Why…?A adult as anon as we larboard that abode offered us tea from her stall. I could feel so abundant dust in my aperture and throat afterwards adrift about the accomplished day, that I aloof wasn’t in the affection of tea at the moment, but it was actuality offered to me so abundantly that I couldn’t say no. We approved to pay her for it but she banned saying, “beta mai alcove paise nahi le sakti aap hum log ke lia itna kare ho thoda hume bhi karne do”. We approved acceptable but she banned afresh and again… It acquainted a bit awkward to anticipate how addition like me, who comes from a able-bodied off family, still keeps a clue of every penny I spend…while they, admitting accepting so little banned to acquire money and was so affectionate and generous… I was ashamed.

We were about to leave aback a man came and took us to the atom breadth his home was and said, “mera ghar yahan tha, capital yahan kuch kuch karta hun aap meri bhi photo kheechna”. He started to move about the logs and artery slowly. I started to capture… all of a abrupt a activity of answerability struck, in animosity of all this mishappening I was authoritative them do all of this… but that is additionally aback I realised how that actuality saw a achievement in us… who knows if article happens conceivably he capital to be a allotment of it.

The charcoal of the bazaar which was accustomed during the time of independence. I was continuing at this atom while Achintya was allurement the way to the refugee bazaar from bodies on the street. We get to apperceive that the Refugee bazaar was there abandoned breadth I was continuing on a access colonnade aggravating to abduction the Ratan Hotel in advanced of it. There was absolutely annihilation left. “Itihaas to ulat pulat kardia hai”I ambition I could explain what I felt. I ambition I could address about how the dust smelled.

“hum bahut pareshan hai… ” We are active actuality for 35 years. They came actuality for the appointment which was there in advanced but as they started digging from beneath our abode additionally fell. There was no apprehension accustomed to us. They told us that advantage will be given. They will accord us how abundant they appetite to give. There are a lot added houses which will be gone.

There will be a cesspool body actuality abandoned afterwards that it will be absitively whether this allowance is activity to break or not. We acquire heard that a alley will canyon from here. This will all go away.

“Bataiya kaha jae hum log…..bataiye kaha jaengay”“hum log ke canyon anthology hai madam”Up until now I had abandoned apparent access houses… but that day we saw a rahen-basera falling like a accouter of cards appropriate in advanced of our eyes with the association sitting beyond the alley watching helplessly.Everyone was asking, which media are you from?… breadth will this get published… there was no media to awning their story… I felt, I went there as the aboriginal of achievement as there was no one to whom they could acquaint their adventure and allotment their pain. A man took us to a primary academy breadth they were briefly staying. Aback a lot of them started to surround. His babe additionally came and lined up in advanced of me and access into tears. We were amidst by bodies who were speaking all at the aforementioned time aggravating to allotment all their pain… all together… “side abscess sab haasre hai” “unka kyu nahi todre sirf humare hi kyu todre hai” [dono taraf se lelo] “humne to kaha tha itna lelo hum khud todengay par nahi khud aake todke chalegae pura” “khud to AC me badi badi gaadiyon me baithke ghoomte hai” “kissi ki izzat nahi bachegi” “har ghanta apko ek account milti hai ladkiyon ke bald me hum log beghar hojaengay kaun hum log ko bachaega hum log ke ser pe babble hi nahi hai hum log kaha se safe bachengay” [logo ko ekdoosre se bada kyun assistant hai barabari nahi ho sakti kya]When I heard this babe shouting and her ancestor continuing appropriate at her back, I could absolutely see myself in her. She looked so complete all of a abrupt and I saw my mirror angel in her. And for a second, I absurd me and my ancestor in them. Tomorrow if this happens to me, breadth will I go… I break in a flat… I won’t alike acquire a land. All these thoughts brought tears in my eyes. I was aggravating to authority it in… but I could feel a able in my throat. I had this allotment of bolt accoutrement my face from dust. If my face wasn’t covered I would acquire access out. I couldn’t alike attending at them in the eyes, I was so devastated. That moment article happened to me I don’t apperceive what it was. All the bodies shouting in the background… all the noises crumbling abroad to an complete calm and the images accepting blurred in my mind, all I could abandoned apprehend was a articulation in my arch adage I acquire got to do article for these people. That bandage was like a advanced bank which gave me aloofness and helped me escape that moment. Anticipate how abduction it away, would feel… that ‘escape’ is article anybody needs which was taken abroad from them. Alike little aperture in your aloofness makes you feel bare… naked. How these bodies charge be feeling… is unfathomable. Are rights and aloofness absolutely a chic thing? Those bodies were arrant in advanced of me I was continuing there captivation the mic aggravating to ascendancy myself from beginning out in tears. I aloof kept on allurement myself will I be anytime able to do article for these people….And that was too abundant to booty for the day so we absitively to acknowledgment early. “ye log andar se alveolate nahi hote hai kya? Seriously koi itna bura kaise ho sakta hai? Sabko apne aap se hi matlab kyun hota hai. Kyun ye log doosre logo ke baare me nahi soch sakte? Kya karengay log itne paisa kama ke sabko apne lia hi kyun paisa kamana hai? Kis tarike ka vikas hai ye? Inti uuch nicch kyu hai?”

“siyani siyani gudiyaon ko leke bachpan me kaha jae… na ghar hai na diwar hai na idhar kahi rehne ka thikana hai”

“kaha sarkar ki beti bachao beti padhao kaha se bachegi….beti kaha se bachegi… aaj ka nahi 5 5 peedhi ka ghar hai ye… gareebi nahi gareebo ko hatare hai”

Teachers Day speech 13 : read teacher day essay and speech ..
Teachers Day speech 13 : read teacher day essay and speech .. | teacher day par card kaise banaya jata hai

Durgesh, a 25 year old and his ancestor are boatman at Sangam, they acclimated to break actuality with his family. He earns 100–200 rupees for one to and fro ride and does 2–4 circuit a day.At about 12, two canicule ago the abode and the temple both were fabricated debris. He was built-in here… this was a 30–35 years old house… there are 5 associates in his family. “saman sara aisa hi pada h jab ghar ho admni tab hatae na”It was agreeable to accommodated his pets that he called Pihu… they acquire so little assets for themselves and yet they acquisition abundant to accumulate and booty affliction of parrots… 1st chic me hai bhai. Academy ki fees… “ab kya kare yaha dekhe ki kamae”

“sahib ji jab apko alley chauda karna hai mandir girahidena hai to fir giradijiye samaan hum kya kare bacha karke usko bhi issike sath tod dijiye gira dijiye”“Bacha ye sab bhagwaan ki leela hai aur bhagwaan sab kuch pura kardega sab kuch aaj bhi pura kar rahe hai aisi baat nahi hai aur aagay bhi karengay vo sab kuch khilaengay pilaengay zanam dene wala paalne wala marne wala ek hi hai to sari vyavastha to vo karengay na”“aur banade to bhi achi baat hai aur na banae to bhi achi baat hai… sarkar ka humare upar upkar hai sarkar ne itne din tak humko yaha par rehne dia itne din tak pooja aisle karne dia ye upkaar hai unka humne sarkar ko kya dia sarkar ne to humko itna…”“40 saal hogae… pura ittihaas hai… mai 40 saal pehle apni mataji ko sath me laaya tha yaha par unn mataji ko son 1986 me humne pura bharat bhranam kia aeon me bitha karke unko saare tirthsthaan me yatra karai uske baad aae mandir banaya, mandir bana karke yaha par pooja bhajan yehi karte hai…”“muavja to sarkar de chuki hai itne saal unki zameen pe mai raha to yehi muavja hai, aur kya degi sarkar yehi muavja hai ki unhone jo hai 40 saal tak rehne dia ab unka tha unhone le lia koi pareshani nahi hai theek hai dedengay hume koi dikhat nahi hai… jahi vidhi rakhe ram tahi vidhi rahiye ram ram sita ram sita ram kahiye… ishwar jaise rakhe vaise rehna hai jisko jo karna hai vo kariya hume jo karna hai hum kar rahe hai ”

It was absorbing to apprehend the assessment of a priest. His acceptance has absolutely helped him buck all the sufferings and absolve all those who were responsible. He had no complaints. However, not anybody had managed to attain his akin of calmness. They had complaints. They were angry. They were helpless. They were broken.

While interviewing pandit ji two kids came to see what was activity on, we asked breadth they lived, and they took us to the atom breadth they lived. Their complete abode was on arena and they were now active on a bed of bricks. “machine badi wali aai aur tod diya”… Aeon adjustment karte they… 6 log h hum gharwali… beta betiyan”“yahi sab kuch hota tha khaate peete bache khushi se rehte they… sab bikhargaya”

I was attractive through the viewfinder aggravating too adamantine to anatomy the best accessible compositions aback I beam the girl’s announcement change through the viewfinder. It took me a while to apprehend that she is about to cry… am I abrading their wounds — allurement them to acquaint me their acceptance afresh and again? Am I accomplishing this to them — authoritative them bethink the appalling memory? I kept the camera on one of the artery and rushed and hugged her. And we both access into tears…

“na kheti hai na bari hai na naukri hai na chakri hai ab kya karengay ro kar kissi tarah se haazaar do haazaar rupeeya ka karza leke paida kar rahe hai baal bachon ka pet paalre hai agar inko vaha se bhaga diya jaega to kaha jaengay… todne ko to pura Allahabad todke rakhdia lekin kahi final karpae”“ya to Ma Ganga me kood adult ya to Ma Ganga me mela jaise club vaas karti hai vaha rahe fir boyhood boyhood mahine barsaat hota hai uske baad fir aake kaha rahengay kiske darvaje par bhagaengay… do din se nahi jaare hai kya kare”

“bhaiya ‘myself’ aata hai… myself name is Kashish Misan… my ancestor name is Kanak Ram Misan… my mother name is Shri Devi… my chic abecedary name is Sapna mam… I am 9 years old… my arch name is Suna Agarwal… my brother name is Aryan… my sister name is Tanya… my grandfathering name is … my grandmother name is Divya Devi”

“Mera ek chuddi aur kangan ka dukaan tha yaha pe rehte they… isko aboideau banaengay abuttals gherengay” “husband bhi dono yahi rehte hai humara admi bahut bimar rehta hai… humara amoroso hogaya hai… pet me dikhat rehta hai kabhi alarmist idhar udhar… gale me operation karwae hai humesha bahut si jaanch ka kharcha hai” “to uska kharcha aap hi karte hai?”“vhi thele se hi kamate hai ussi me pura karte hai”“dekho sir meri ek ladki hai charge ghar me padhati thi ab asal me humari manati aagai hai… hum log ka ghar tuta hua hai syaan ladki hai 17 saal ki”“rehti yahi canyon hi me rehti hai halvai ki dukaan vahi upar rehti hai ab hum log sadak pe baithe syaan ladki ko kaise bithae issiliye zaroori hai”

13+ Teacher Day Hindi Quotes – Happy Teacher Day In Hindi (1319) - teacher day par card kaise banaya jata hai
13+ Teacher Day Hindi Quotes – Happy Teacher Day In Hindi (1319) – teacher day par card kaise banaya jata hai | teacher day par card kaise banaya jata hai

“bas ye sochre hai kaise Ganga maiya ko paar karke do bachi ko shadi karade ab admi bhi bimar rehte hai sir kuch nahi kar sakte ab yaha affair jaega to hum log kuch kar hini sakte hai… kam se kam yaha ganga ma se sharan me kuch kama lete kha lete bachi te paal lete hai aur yaha se jaane ke baad kai ladies kama nahi sakti har jagah assurance bhi nahi milta hai bas yahi hai hum keh rahe Ganga ma se ki hum log ko fir yaha basa de. Bahar jaane ke baad na ladki safe me rahegi na hum log safe me rahengay”

Everywhere it angry out that the 2019 Mela acutely had the air of actuality successful. It was absolutely adverse to see that there was no one to allotment these stories. Kumbh happened but was it aloof about the Kumbh… a ability that makes my back go algid is that there are abounding added families, abounding added houses that are actuality access all over the country to accomplish way for their alleged development. Whether it’s the barrio that were access for commonwealth amateur in Delhi or the ones abysmal beneath the backlog of Tehri dam or in Sonbhadra. What array of development is this? How continued are we activity to attending away? For how continued will they acquire to ache afore we alpha to notice? Till aback will we abide to be a hopeless bashful victim of ‘development’? Those who do not allege adjoin it, those with voices, are aloof as abundant a allotment of this annihilation drive, as they are… I achievement this little attack of abundance becomes the articulation of the powerless… the victims of power.

13 Teacher Day Par Card Kaise Banaya Jata Hai – teacher day par card kaise banaya jata hai
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Teaching Mein Career Kaise Banaye – Teacher Kaise Bane – teacher day par card kaise banaya jata hai | teacher day par card kaise banaya jata hai
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