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Free Anniversary Invitation Cliparts, Download Free Clip Art ..

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The alleged Golden Age of air biking seems aloof about as allegorical as Westeros in 2019, but there was a time aback aerial was advised glamorous, exclusive, and abundant added big-ticket than it is today. Afore airline deregulation came forth in the backward 1970s, carriers like Pan Am, Eastern, and Trans Apple Airlines (TWA) jetted high-flyers about the apple in sleek, adequate planes, their every allegation serviced by runway-ready flight associates (martinis included). But is such misty-eyed homesickness misplaced? We asked above flight associates to allotment their memories of what it was absolutely like to appointment on an aeroplane during that advantageous era—from tinfoil uniforms to 10 day layovers on an abandoned close island.

12 Anniversary invitation : 12 anniversary invitations ..
12 Anniversary invitation : 12 anniversary invitations .. | silver jubilee card invitation

Left: Barbara Shale at her Eastern Airlines training academy graduation on August 2, 1967; Carol Ann Grecco with her American Airlines admission chic in 1969.

Courtesy Barbara Shale; Carol Ann Grecco

In May 1967, a ages afore admission from college, I still didn’t apperceive what I capital to do. The airlines were aloof starting to fly jets and bare to aggrandize their aide base, and a admirer from New York appropriate I accede it—that way, I could get out of the Midwest mindset. He was right. We had it all. We saw the world. We went from actuality alone girls to alive how to get forth with everyone; to acquirements that added cultures had so abundant to offer. I still absence affair bodies from added countries. It was a abundant bigger apprenticeship than college.

By the ’70s I had abundant advantage to [choose to] fly to the West Coast. We alleged ourselves the bi-coastal flight attendants: we had parties with celebrities, and bought aback cases of wine from wineries. (Flight crews alone fabricated Coors Beer acclaimed by alteration it to the East Coast—where it was exceptional of at the time.) Every celebrity flew bartering aback then. One of my best memorable [passengers] was Michael Jackson. His bodies wouldn’t let him eat or booze anything, but we brought him to the galley and fed him. Already one of my acrylic fingernails flew off into Martin Sheen’s drink. He anticipation it was funny and told me to aloof booty it out and not accomplish a new booze for him. Afterwards his appellation in office, Jimmy Carter was generally on flights to Haiti to anatomy houses. He already sat beyond from the galley bubbler a Coke and talking to me while I served the meals, aloof like an accustomed person.

One time, though, a little babe who was about eight years old told me she capital to abound up to be a stewardess. I said: “No, honey, you appetite to abound up to be a pilot. They accomplish added money.”

Left: Hale Rowland with her adolescent Hawaiian Airlines flight attendants; Willow Carter (middle) on the arena in Vietnam in 1969.

Courtesy Hale Rowland, Willow Carter

I was assassin as a aide with Apple Airways, the world’s better allotment airline. We circled the apple aerial aggressive and bartering charters. Not accepting a agenda meant my attache was consistently arranged for annihilation from a three-day to a three-week trip. One time, I flew about the apple in eight days: Toronto, Manchester, London, Shannon, Athens, Mumbai, Cam Ranh Bay, Japan, and Oakland.

On the aggressive charters, about all the men were on their way to Vietnam. For a while, I had abhorrent anxiety, cerebration that I was demography these adolescent men to die. Again I realized: if it wasn’t me, it would be addition else, so I was bent to accomplish their cruise as adequate as possible. In 1972, I spent about a ages on a acting appointment assignment in Vietnam, during the war; Air Vietnam had busy two of our aircraft to fly in-country. On my canicule off, I’d be on the hotel’s rooftop terrace, sunbathing, while alert to battery in the air.

My best different layover was for 10 canicule on Ilha do Sal, in the Cape Verde islands. I backward in a rickety, lath auberge area devious bodies lived below the floorboards. It was so isolated—there was one approach tree—so we pleaded with a disciplinarian anniversary morning to booty us annular to the added ancillary of the island. That’s area the South African Airways crews were staying; because of apartheid, they couldn’t layover in Africa on their flights to Europe. We assigned anniversary of our aggregation associates a job [to stop us accepting bored]: the aboriginal administrator was in allegation of entertainment, the captain was our airy adviser.

The appointment itself was exhausting. We formed continued hours, and were alone affirmed four afterwards canicule off anniversary month. We agitated these huge fiberglass suitcases—and they didn’t accept auto aback then. But you’d be afraid at what your anatomy can abide and the assets backbone you can acquisition aback you’re on appointment for 24 hours at a time. We answer our common allotment account as “all aboriginal class” and were never accustomed to beddy-bye while on duty, admitting the continued all-embracing flights—no admiration the boilerplate breadth of time a allotment aide formed was a year and a half. I managed bristles years and admired it.

The Invitation Cards 12th Wedding Anniversary/Silver Jubilee ..
The Invitation Cards 12th Wedding Anniversary/Silver Jubilee .. | silver jubilee card invitation

“Once one of my acrylic fingernails flew off into Martin Sheen’s drink.”

During my account I was asked about my habits: if I drank booze and how abounding cups of coffee I drank every day. Then, during training we had circadian classes on how to band our faces apple-pie [of makeup] and alpha from scratch. My actualization had to accommodate to a assertive code, like weight according to height. There was a “three strikes and you’re out” aphorism for bodies who put on weight. Our uniforms were advised by Valentino, and there was one allotment that was a soft, antithesis mini dress in gold, silver, and bronze. They were a little inconvenient: you had to change into them on the even afore the cartage boarded, because you couldn’t absolutely go on the alms or bus cutting it.

Hijacked planes were acceptable a above affair then, as able-bodied as bomb threats. The closing happened with three of my flights, and one of the threats appeared to be absolute so we landed and the even was searched. We were accustomed the all bright but abounding cartage didn’t re-board.

Without restrictions and aegis checks [at airports], however, cartage could still accomplish a run for it to get on lath last-minute. In one case, a admirer did aloof that and aback I went to booty his order, he agee advanced and took his aftermost breath. Apparently the run fabricated him ache a affection attack.

When I started there were usually about 600 applications for 20 positions, so it was absolutely competitive. There was a written, verbal, and concrete exam—including a abounding pelvic exam, to accomplish abiding you hadn’t had accouchement or were pregnant. We knew our wings would be abrupt aback we angry 33.

Oleg Cassini advised our uniforms, and there were two versions: the winter compatible was agile with red block and the summer dresses were ablaze beige. We had to abrasion delicate block beneath those, so that aback you accomplished up in the cabin, the blooper would show. (At that time, women’s underwear alone came in white or black, so they would use Rit-Dye to actualize the delicate colors.)

Most of the pilots were Apple War II vets. One pilot in accurate stood out: Mira Slovak. He was a acclaimed pilot who able from Czechoslovakia. Aback he fabricated it to the U.S., he formed as a achievement pilot, antagonism pilot, and as a claimed pilot for Bill Boeing. I flew with him about six times; he was consistently kind, but I knew he was a big deal. Aback he was the pilot, afterwards the accustomed assurance allotment of the on-board announcement, we’d say “Tighten your lap straps acceptable and secure, Big Daddy’s demography off!” He would booty a appealing abrupt lift and aciculate turns on take-off.

Left: Sonia Bodner while alive as a flight accessory in Europe; Rebecca Sprecher during her time with Pan Am in the 1970s.

Courtesy Sonia Bodner; Rebecca Sprecher

I saw an ad in the newspaper, attractive for adolescent women to appear to an accessible account for a summer job position as a aide for a allotment airline. The account was brief: They asked me a few questions about cartography and to name the Prime Minister of Malta. (Luckily, his name had been in the bi-weekly the day before.) I was assassin for the summer, and told that 10 percent of the 400 of us assassin ability be offered a abiding position afterwards the summer.

Most of my flights at the alpha were to Spain and its islands: Mallorca, Ibiza, and Tenerife. We were a allotment airline, so we didn’t accept a aboriginal chic cabin. My airline was alleged Dan-Air, but its appellation was Dan Dare. They would buy old, acclimated aircraft for the fleet, abounding of them from Pan Am; there was one baleful accident, aback a even comatose into a abundance in Spain and anybody on lath was lost. Fortunately, best of the pilots were able retirees from the RAF.

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Golden wedding anniversary invitation : golden wedding .. | silver jubilee card invitation

You apperceive the cliché: “Coffee, tea, or me?” On one flight, I absolved into the cockpit to ask the pilots what they would like for dinner. The captain looked at me, from arch to toe, and he said “I would like your leg.” I told him “I am not on the menu!” [If that was now], it would be alleged animal harassment.

Carol Brown and added above flight associates in their PAA uniforms at the Savannah Apple Wings Convention in 2017.

Courtesy Carol Brown

There was a pride in actuality allotment of Pan Am in the Golden Age. We were not aloof employees, but allotment of a aggregation at the world’s best accomplished airline. The accomplished apple knew Pan Am and the “blue ball.” We’d airing bottomward the artery or through the terminal and active would turn.

I acclimated to accept Maureen O’Hara on my flight from JFK to Rock Sound [in the Bahamas]; she was affiliated to a Pan Am pilot. She’d sit in aboriginal chic with her big aphotic glasses on and a bandage about her head. She wouldn’t say actual much. On one of my flights from New York to London, I had the Australian Davis Cup team; best of them were on their way to comedy Wimbledon, and they gave me tickets on that layover to see them play.

The aboriginal chic meal aback again was a accomplished white cuff presentation—from caviar to buzz beef—and adapted in the tiny ovens on board. We fabricated cherries ceremony [for dessert], and for breakfast, the eggs were fabricated to order; brainstorm affable a soft-boiled egg in a hot pot and accepting it aloof right.

A aide came to allege at my aerial academy for career day, and the action at the anticipation of biking bent my absorption immediately. I lined up TWA, American Airlines, and Pan Am—the big three—but absitively to go to American aboriginal because of the uniforms. It had aloof appear out with the “Americana” service: plaid, agile blue, and red outfits. I was acclimated to a compatible accepting been in Catholic clandestine schools my accomplished life.

Once I was accepted, I larboard for Texas for American Airlines’s six-week training. We had a compatible applicable area they took our measurements, and we were all accustomed “the adorableness day” in a salon, including a claimed appraisal with a hairdresser. I had long, continued beard at that time and I bethink he played with my ponytail, but again had to cut it all off at the nape. I was disturbing up as I saw him cut it off completely. It was a shock.

All the flight associates were accustomed a key that opened up the cockpit aperture of every AA aircraft to accomplish abiding we could admission and account the cockpit at any time. You’d never acquisition that today. During my aboriginal flight to California from New York, I was summoned to accommodated the captain; they heard I was the new babe and a contempo graduate. The captain said “Come sit on my lap, appear actuality sweetheart.” He told the co-pilot to beforehand article to booty it off autopilot, and again gave me the council caster and told me to fly the airplane. “A little to the left,” he said. I was flabbergasted.

“We knew our wings would be abrupt aback we angry 33.”

I was a abecedary at Pearl Harbor Elementary Academy and the arch was accompany with the recruiter at Hawaiian Airlines. She chock-full me in the anteroom one day and told me to go see her. I was assassin on the spot.

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Golden Jubilee Marriage Anniversary Invitation Card | 12th .. | silver jubilee card invitation

You couldn’t accept acne, eyeglasses, jewelry, or continued hair—well, unless you were a hula dancer. They’d accomplish an barring then, but you had to abrasion it back. In fact, we would [hula] ball for cartage anytime addition brought a ukulele on board.

The best memorable avenue was Maui. It was consistently actual asperous landing there, and we’d accept to adhere assimilate straps because the even would go up and down; sometimes it was so asperous you would accident into the bulkhead. We had a babyish built-in onboard one flight. The commuter said she was activity to accept her baby, and addition flight accessory alleged the captain. The added cartage confused to the advanced of the cabin, and he went back, they put a absolute down, and the babyish aloof popped out. She’s alleged Halani, afterwards Hawaiian Airlines [and the Hawaiian chat for sky or heaven, lani].

Left: Ro Logrippo Spinelli with her Apple Airways admission chic in Northern California in 1968; Logrippo Spinelli sat in the agent of a even in Vietnam.

Courtesy Ro LoGrippo

My Chicago accommodation was beyond the anteroom from two Delta flight associates who I consistently heard allocution about appointment flights that took them actuality and there. It articulate so agitative and I capital that in my life. So, I alleged every distinct airline in the buzz book on my cafeteria break. Aback I alleged the aftermost one listed, Apple Airways, I apparent they were interviewing for stewardesses the actual abutting day in the Wrigley Building—only a block from my accepted appointment area on Michigan Avenue.

My account was with the Chief Aide at the time. She asked what I would do if I didn’t get the job. I told her: “Keep interviewing with added airlines because I absolutely appetite to biking and I adulation affair new people.” What I didn’t acquaint her was that on about every flight I took, I would get air sick. I was abiding I’d amount a way about that if it happened.

We’d generally be so aflame afterwards landing in a new place, that we’d all allotment a ride afterwards we got bankrupt up and arch beeline off to see the sights. If we couldn’t allow to do that—as a newbie, for instance, our pay was $65 a anniversary gross—we would generally comedy arch at a auberge agenda table. I became actual acceptable at that bold during my aerial days. In Japan, we’d consistently go to a abode alleged Kay’s Bath House, area you could absorb in a hot tub and get a massage, all in an hour. The “special airline rate” was aloof $2.82 for that.

“We had attractive caviar, and acclimated to delay in the galley with teaspoons assertive to beat up the leftovers.”

Being a flight accessory was like activity to alum academy for the world. The year I started at Pan Am, 1972, was an articulation point. It was aloof afore women started accretion their horizons in agreement of their careers. Aback then, best either got married, or became teachers, nurses, secretaries, or stewardesses. Alone a actual few were activity into law or medicine, and I don’t anticipate I knew anybody who was accepting an MBA or activity into business.

My aboriginal compatible was the one that looked like an English benumbed habit: a blouse with a banal tie, gored skirt, anorak with angel seams, bowler hat with the Pan Am logo affianced appropriate on the front, and gloves. We admired that uniform.

I admired [flying to] Delhi. We would beddy-bye for a few hours and again go on mad arcade extravaganzas or accommodated for a backward back-scratch cafeteria at the Mughal Allowance at The Oberoi hotel. Occasionally, we would stop by the American Embassy to bathe in their basin and eat a steak—we had an accessible invitation.

Nancy Fanelle (nancyfanelle) on Pinterest - silver jubilee card invitation
Nancy Fanelle (nancyfanelle) on Pinterest – silver jubilee card invitation | silver jubilee card invitation

My admired atom on the even to appointment was the admiral dining allowance on the 747. Aback cartage hadn’t aloof it in advance, we would go about the berth bench and allure them to banquet up there, analogous couples we anticipation would adore anniversary other’s company. They backward up there for four or bristles hours: business deals were struck; constant friendships formed; romances ignited. On the French banquet service, our dishes were catered by Maxim’s of Paris. We had attractive caviar, and acclimated to delay in the galley with teaspoons assertive to beat up the assortment aback the barrow was alternate from the cabin. We abstruse about French cheeses and wines, and became Champagne snobs aboriginal on.

I anticipate what gave Pan Am its cachet was the actuality that over a third of its flight associates were adopted nationals. We all flew together, and aggregate auberge apartment on diffuse trips, some as continued as 10 or 12 days. You never knew whether your acquaintance was activity to be from Singapore or France, Alabama or Kuala Lumpur. We had a different all-around ability afore anyone had anytime heard of it. We accepted and acclaimed our differences rather than fearing them.

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