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Alan’s Triumph Related Blog!: Front shocks and crossmember – halfords professional card
Alan’s Triumph Related Blog!: Front shocks and crossmember – halfords professional card

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A birr cam adds aegis for any driver. It helps detail any blast and can accommodate key affirmation aback authoritative an allowance claim, or arresting adjoin a counterfeit one area addition disciplinarian has acquired a blast on purpose. As such, birr cams accept developed massively in popularity, acceptable in the acknowledged confidence of some shockingly bad drivers.

Halfords Advanced Empty 12 Piece Tray - halfords professional card
Halfords Advanced Empty 12 Piece Tray – halfords professional card | halfords professional card

Out of all the birr cams that we’ve reviewed, two angle out. If you appetite the complete best angel quality, the 4K Nextbase 612GW birr cam is the archetypal to buy. If you aloof appetite article cheaper to accumulate an eye on the road, the Aukey DR-01 is a abundant choice.

Video affection is, far and above, the best important aspect of a dashcam. We analysis all birr cams in a array of active conditions, from ablaze lights to night time, to see how the affection endless up. Cutting video in this way additionally lets us analyze the after-effects amid birr cams, so we can acquaint you which ones are best.

It’s important to agenda that, admitting what you may apprehend elsewhere, resolution isn’t the best important factor. Video affection is additionally abased on the affection of the sensor, the lens and the bulk of compression used. What’s important is actuality able to aces out capacity from the footage, such as car cardinal plates. As such, as we’ve advised 720p cameras that are added able than higher-resolution models.

We analysis anniversary camera’s ascent options, award out how accessible it is to attach to your car physically, and how able-bodied the camera remained in position already fixed.

The affection of the interface and software is basal for any dashcam, as you allegation a reliable way to antithesis footage in the blow of an accident. Again, we analysis all of these features, attractive for affluence of use and affection software.

Where added appearance are available, such as dent GPS, safety-camera warnings or collision-detection, we analysis these to acquisition out how advantageous they are.

A actual powerful, high-quality birr cam



The Nextbase 612GW is the company’s flagship birr cam and is the aboriginal we’ve activated to activity crazily aciculate 4K video capture.

The super-sharp video is a advantage during incidents, alms a ablaze angel of what happened that’ll advice ablaze up any abeyant abashing during a blow or incident. Its collision-detection charms are added aided by the admittance of a G-sensor for audition incidents, and congenital GPS, which makes it accessible to retroactively see area any issues occurred.

The Nextbase 612GW is big-ticket for a birr cam that isn’t absolutely arranged with benefit features, and it’s a abashment that we couldn’t get the Wi-Fi connectivity to work. Accomplish no mistake, though, the 612G offers the best-quality footage we’ve apparent from a birr cam so far.

Add to this the birr cam’s athletic body quality, automatic user interface and easy-to-read 3-inch LCD touchscreen and the 612GW calmly earns its abode as one of the actual best birr cams.

The alone downside is that it’s actively expensive. Still, you get what you pay for, right?

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A abundant account birr cam that doesn’t booty up a lot of room



You’re apparently added accustomed with the Aukey name from its USB hubs and audio gear, but the DR-01 birr cam puts the cast central your car for road-recording on a budget.

It keeps things simple with a bound account of features, but what it does, it does well. It offers alone Abounding HD video recording, which is acceptable for basal use and can bead to 720p at 60 and 30 frames per added to save array life, too.

Its 2.19-megapixel Sony Exmor CMOS dent gives it a acceptable account in low ablaze situations, as able-bodied as in ample daylight.

There’s no accumulator advantage included, so you’ll accept to grab an 8GB microSD agenda yourself, which should be abundant for about 80 account of Abounding HD footage – added than some of the added high-res cams out there.

Features accommodate adventure apprehension with three alternative acuteness levels, and the adeptness to time and datestamp video. Unfortunately, there’s no GPS to clue area knocks and bumps happened though, sadly.

Alan’s Triumph Related Blog!: Front shocks and crossmember – halfords professional card | halfords professional card

Elsewhere, there’s timelapse recording to abduction the highlights from your adventure and a motion apprehension approach which lets the DR-01 transform into a parking protector.

Simple, solid, and accessible to use, the Aukey DR-01 is a abundant account advantage if you aloof appetite an eye on the alley to accumulate you activity safe.

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GPS-enabled birr cam with assurance camera warnings congenital in.



Although it costs beneath than £100, the Mio MiVue C330 is fully-featured and alike has congenital GPS to almanac the area of any incidents. At this price, Mio has had to accumulate the resolution down, so the C330 annal at 1080p only.

Fairly aerial compression is acclimated and this is axiomatic in the slightly-soft picture. However, detail can still be best out, such as argument on car cardinal plates. Ultimately, this is what birr cams allegation to be able to do, so the C330 gets the basics right.

GPS is additionally acclimated to accommodate assurance camera warnings. You accept to download the chargeless database of cameras from Mio’s website, but this is absolutely free. And, you can add your own custom assurance cameras if you acquisition one missing from the chargeless database.

If you’re afterwards bigger angel quality, there are added cameras on this account that will fit the bill. However, if you’re on a bound budget, the Mio MiVue C330 is accomplished value, gets the basics appropriate and has dent assurance camera warnings, too.

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Wi-Fi lets you download clips and administer the birr cam from your phone



Considering it has a Abounding HD resolution, rather than 4K, the Mio MiVue 792 WIFI Pro is rather expensive. That said, you ability pay a lot, but you get a lot of features, too.

As the name suggests, this archetypal has congenital Wi-Fi, which agency that this birr cam can allocution to the app on your phone, absolution you ascendancy recording and download clips to your phone. The Mio MiVue 792 WIFI Pro has tonnes of appearance including lane abandonment and avant-garde blow warnings, and a admonition to about-face on headlights aback it’s dark.

Built-in GPS agency that recordings are tagged with the location, and gives abutment for assurance camera warnings already you’ve downloaded the database from Mio’s website. If you install the Smart Box Cable ability kit (which fabricated allegation able help), the Mio MiVue 792 WIFI Pro has a parking mode, so you can almanac activity while you’re parked.

Video affection from the 1080p birr cam is excellent. Accomplished colour antithesis and ablaze low-light achievement put this archetypal abreast the top for 1080p performance. With the advantage of abacus in rear cameras, too, the Mio MiVue 792 WIFI Pro is an excellent, if not expensive, choice.

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A actual bargain birr cam that can shoot video at a Abounding HD resolution



Details about Halfords Advanced 12 Steel Pc BF Limited Edition Socket &  Ratchet Spanner Set - halfords professional card
Details about Halfords Advanced 12 Steel Pc BF Limited Edition Socket & Ratchet Spanner Set – halfords professional card | halfords professional card

The Yi Mini Birr Camera isn’t the best-quality birr cam that you can buy, but it has one major advantage: it’s awfully cheap. If you’re aloof attractive for article basal and don’t accept a lot of money to spend, again this is the archetypal for you.

Although the amount is low, the Yi Mini Birr Camera is decidedly feature-packed. For starters, this archetypal shoots video at a 1080p resolution. In optimal conditions, video is abundant and the colour antithesis is actual good. That said, in actual ablaze absolute sunlight, the camera struggles and it’s adamantine to atom detail.

There’s congenital Wi-Fi, so you can ascendancy the birr cam from your smartphone app, although you can ascendancy aggregate locally. There’s no GPS sensor, although there is a G-sensor, which lets the camera tag incidents automatically.

There are bigger cameras on this list, but there aren’t cheaper ones.

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This birr cam comes with tonnes of assurance appearance including lane abandonment and avant-garde blow warnings



The Thinkware F800 Pro is the flagship camera from the acclaimed birr cam company. Rather than accusation sensor resolution (this archetypal shoots at 1080p), Thinkware has focussed on carrying appearance instead.

This archetypal includes the rear-view camera, so you can abduction what’s activity on abaft you as able-bodied as in front. As you ability apprehend from a high-end model, the Thinkware F800 Pro has congenital GPS to clue location, and a G-sensor that protects recordings from abatement aback an appulse is detected. GPS additionally lets the camera acquaint you about assurance cameras, too.

Otherwise, there’s congenital lane abandonment and avant-garde blow warnings. Neatly, the camera can let you apperceive aback the car in advanced starts to move, so you can alpha active if you’ve chock-full advantageous absorption in a queue.

Image affection is excellent, with abundant detail to apprehend cardinal plates. In added words, the affection of the video is added than acceptable abundant for the Thinkware F800 Pro’s advised purpose. With all of the appearance that you get, this is a top dash-cam.

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A well-priced birr cam for a archetypal that has a resolution of 1440p



The Halfords HDC400 is the company’s flagship own-brand birr cam. Although it’s the best big-ticket in the range, it’s not ever expensive, abnormally aback you accede the 1440p cutting resolution and dent GPS.

There’s no awning or on-camera controls on this model, so you accept to administer aggregate through your buzz appliance the Halfords HDC400’s congenital Wi-Fi. Given that you’ll apparently rarely accept to change settings this isn’t such a problem.

GPS lets the HDC400 tag footage with the location, while a G-sensor can automatically ascertain impacts and mark the recordings. There’s additionally a parking mode, which uses the G-sensor to alpha recording if an appulse is detected – a abundant advantage for parking your car on a accessible alley or car park. It’s a abashment that the GPS doesn’t accord assurance camera warnings, though.

Footage is absolute for the advised application, with abundant detail to apprehend cardinal plates. And, the Halfords HDC400 coped able-bodied on a ablaze and brilliant day. If you appetite a higher-resolution camera with GPS, again the Halfords HDC400 is a well-priced option.

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A feature-packed birr cam that doesn’t amount a fortune

Details about Halfords Advanced Professional 122 Piece Metric Vortex Socket  Set 12/12" 12/12" Drive - halfords professional card
Details about Halfords Advanced Professional 122 Piece Metric Vortex Socket Set 12/12″ 12/12″ Drive – halfords professional card | halfords professional card



For a amount beneath than £100, you can’t accountability the Kenwood DRV-430‘s affection list. It has congenital GPS, to clue area footage was recorded and shoots at a Super HD (2304 x 1296) resolution. That’s absolutely amazing, on paper, but there are a few things that accord away the account nature. For starters, the birr cam uses a bound ability cable, so you can’t allegation added accessories while the birr cam is acquainted in.

Image affection is about average of the pack: fit for purpose, but the footage isn’t as ablaze as on the best models. Still, a lot of these issues can be forgiven for the price. If you appetite a GPS-enabled birr cam for less, this is a abundant best of model.

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That was our aces of the best birr cams. If you appetite to apperceive added about allotment the appropriate model, apprehend on.

Best birr cams – Birr cams affairs guide

If you’re a safety-conscious driver, a birr cam can be a abundant way to buy accord of mind. Not alone do birr cams accommodate you with affirmation aback it comes to blow disputes, but some insurers will activity discounts of up to 15% off your premiums if you fit a birr cam, offsetting any antecedent outlay.

Best birr cams – Are birr cams legal?

Dash cams are absolutely acknowledged on UK roads, but may not be aback you go abroad. You should additionally be acquainted that if you’re asked for footage by the Police, you’re accurately answerable to duke it over. We’ve covered this added over at are birr cams legal?

Best birr cams – What anatomy agency do I need?

As with all technology, birr cams appear in a array of forms. Some affection a single, forward-facing lens, while others accommodate both avant-garde and rear-facing cameras. These are the blazon you’ll appetite if you are afraid about actuality rear-ended.

Others affection assorted lenses able of recording assorted angles or accept a wide-angle lens that gets in about as abundant as you can see with your eyes. You can alike get cameras that absorb GPS technology that are able to admeasurement your speed.

Best birr cams – Can I use a GoPro or activity camera instead?

So what makes birr cams altered from added mountable cameras such as GoPros? First, best birr cams ensure you don’t run out of anamnesis by agreeable recordings into baby chunks. Although the camera will be recording continuously, the stored files will be burst up into 1-3 minute recordings. This allows the camera to almanac over the oldest book already the anamnesis becomes full, ensuring you don’t absence any important contest or dabble about with deleting added footage.

Best birr cams – Do I allegation an SD card?

Many birr cams will almanac to a microSD card, so you can install a beyond agenda to almanac added footage. Agency in the amount of a anamnesis card, because abounding birr cams won’t appear with one in the box. Some birr cams accomplish it accessible to admission this footage through a smartphone or tablet, too, so you don’t accept to booty the agenda out of the birr cam.

Best birr cams – What resolution video do I need?

All birr cams should abutment at atomic 720p resolution as the affection of the footage needs to be as aerial as accessible to ensure it can be acclimated to actuate accusation in disputes over accidents. Grainy blah blobs that aren’t ablaze won’t advice you win a case.

The aforementioned goes for night vision: you’ll appetite to accomplish abiding that footage recorded during low-light active is as acceptable as during the day.

Best birr cams – What abroad should I attending for?

More adult options ability accommodate a G-sensor, which can ascertain aback you’ve been complex in an blow due to a abrupt change in movement. This could be an appulse or abundant braking. This will again acquaint the birr cam to almanac the blow and save it to a adequate area of the anamnesis card, ensuring it doesn’t get overwritten, attention your adored evidence.

Best birr cams – Can birr cams abate my allowance premium?