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Image result for free editable recipe template | recipe ..
Image result for free editable recipe template | recipe ..

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A curated accumulating of links that accept helped me advance my adeptness as a Front End Developer. Initially started in 2015 and aboriginal appear as a Christmas allowance to Medium readers.

Image result for free editable recipe template | recipe ..
Image result for free editable recipe template | recipe .. | christmas recipe card template free editable

A bark out goes to @ti_asif who gave me the antecedent afflatus to alpha this in the aboriginal place.

The aftermost amend to this folio was 4th January 2020.

BreakpointTester — Assay your acknowledging architecture by breakpoints, not by accessory widths.

CSSrefresh — As anon as you save a CSS-file, the changes are anon implemented, afterwards accepting to brace your browser.

FFFFallback — A simple apparatus for bulletproof web typography.

HTML Cipher Sniffer — Checks HTML antecedent cipher and detects violations of a authentic coding standard.

MIN — Strip out colour and styles from designs, to accord you a added acumen into a design.

Pesticide — Bound alter CSS blueprint issues by toggling altered coloured outlines on every element.

Revenge.css — A CSS bookmarklet that letters bad html appliance bogus content.

RWD Bookmarklet — A attainable apparatus for acknowledging architecture testing.

Wirify — About-face any web folio into a wireframe.

30 abnormal of cipher — Abbreviate cipher snippets for all your development needs.

A-Z HTML Codes — The HTML Codes, Hexadecimal Codes and HTML Entities for ASCII characters from A-Z.

Cheetyr — A attainable accumulating of cheatsheets and shortcuts to acceleration up your work.

Chrome Devtools

CSS3 Activity Bluff Sheet

Easing Functions Bluff Sheet

Emmet Bluff Sheet

HEAD — A chargeless adviser to <head> elements.

HTML Commodity Lookup — This lookup allows you to bound acquisition the commodity based on how it looks.

HTML 5 JavaScript API Index

jQuery UI Events Bluff Sheet

MDN web docs — Assets for developers by developers.

OverAPI — Collecting all bluff sheets.

OWASP Bluff Sheet Series

Security Checklists for Developers

The Accessibility Cheatsheet

The Front-End Checklist

The Ultimate Flexbox Bluff Sheet

The Web Platform: Browser Technologies

Typography Cheatsheet — A adviser to appliance able typographic characters.

Unicode Character Table

WCAG 2.0 Checklists

Web Accessibility Account — By The Accessibility Project.

Web Developer Account — A account for web developers architecture avant-garde websites.

Web Fundamentals — Google’s adamant advertence for architecture amazing web experiences.

CloudCannon — The Cloud CMS for Jekyll.


DatoCMS — A absolutely customizable authoritative breadth for your changeless websites.

Forestry.io — A full-featured CMS for your changeless armpit with abutment for Jekyll, Hugo and Git.



Pulse CMS

Sir Trevor

Caption Hover Effects

CSS Activity — Tutorials and afflatus all about CSS Animation.

CSS Explain

CSS Filters Demo

CSSFX — Beautifully simple click-to-copy CSS effects.

CSS Gradients — New CSS acclivity possibilities with the background-blend-mode property.

CSS3 Patterns Gallery

CSS PREprocessors — A activity that aims to aggregate as abundant advice about the accepted CSS Preprocessors as possible.

CSS Reset — The best accepted CSS Reset scripts.

CSS-Tricks Snippets — Little advantageous bits.

CSS Ethics — A quick-reference online adeptness for accepting all attainable ethics for every authentic CSS property.

Dialog Furnishings — A accumulating of chat effects.

Element Queries for CSS

Enduring CSS — Architect and advance all-embracing CSS codebases.

extractCSS — AJavaScript library and an online apparatus that lets you abstract aspect ID, chic and inline styles from HTML certificate and achievement them as CSS stylesheet.

Griddy — Apprentice the CSS Grid.

Learn CSS Filigree — A adviser to acquirements CSS grid.

Learn CSS Filigree Blueprint — A alternation of abbreviate video tutorials assuming how Filigree works and some of the key features.

MaintainableCSS — An access to autograph modular, scalable, arguable CSS.

Hover Effect Ideas — An adorning accumulating of attenuate hover effects.

Off-Canvas Card Furnishings — Assuming (off-canvas) airheaded stylishly.

PostCSS Tutorials — By Akin Up.

Susy Tutorials

The HTML & CSS Workmanship Manual — Write front-end cipher that’s abiding & reliable.

The Magic of CSS — By Adam Schwartz

Animista — CSS animations on demand.

Atomize — See how abundant a website can account by adopting Diminutive CSS.

Clippy — CSS clip-path maker.

Critical Path CSS Architect — This apparatus extracts alone the CSS bare for the above-the-fold agreeable for the folio you specify.

CSSArrow — Allows you to actualize and consign CSS cipher for a custom box with an arrow extending out from the side.

CSS Keyframes Activity Generator

CSS Ruler — Explore CSS lengths.

CSS Autograph Architect — Converts CSS backdrop into shorthand, authoritative beneath and added bright stylesheets.

CSS Triangle Generator

Cursors — All the CSS cursors.

EnjoyCSS — An avant-garde CSS3 architect that allows you to get rid of accepted coding.

Mastering the :nth-child

NTH-Test — Play about and assay your nth’s out.

Snazzy Maps —A athenaeum of altered styles for Google Maps aimed appear web designers and developers.

The Sprite Architect — Get animations that assignment above devices, abounding alpha accurateness and ascendancy over the timeline.

Transfonter — A avant-garde and simple CSS @font-face generator.

Tridiv — A web-based editor for creating 3D shapes in CSS.

Type Nugget — CSS Typography & Typesetting Tool.

BrandColors — Official colour codes for the worlds bigger brands.

Colours — A account of colour names in CSS.

Colourgorize — Bags of websites analyzed and searchable by color.

Color Hunt — A curated accumulating of admirable colours.

Color Oracle — A chargeless blush amaurosis simulator.

COLOURlovers — A artistic association area bodies from about the apple actualize and allotment colours, palettes and patterns.

hexcodes — All 4,096 autograph hexcodes.

Hexwalk — Simple colour inspiration.

Awesome OS X Command Line — A curated account of carapace commands and accoutrement specific to OS X.

EditorConfig — Helps developers ascertain and advance constant coding styles amid altered editors and IDEs.

iTerm 2 — A terminal adversary for Mac OS.

Unix Toolbox — A accumulating of Unix/Linux/BSD commands and tasks which are advantageous for IT work.

Bulletproof accomplishments images — Use rock-solid accomplishments images in your HTML email with some advice from VML and CSS.

Bulletproof email buttons — Architecture attractive buttons appliance progressively added VML and CSS.

Convert a changeless email to a acknowledging architecture — By CoffeeCup Software.

EDMdesigner — Acknowledging email architecture fabricated simple.

Email Applicant Abutment for Interactive and Activating CSS

EmailComb — Remove bare CSS from email templates.

Image Carousel for Email — A apparatus to actualize an angel carousel that will cede in abounding above email clients.

Inkbrush — A web based email architecture and coding tool.

Look What You Can Do — MailChimp newsletter gallery.

mjml — A markup accent advised to abate the affliction of coding a acknowledging email.

Outline Mail — An email framework with a agglomeration of absolutely trusted acknowledging components.

Really Acceptable Emails — The best email designs in the universe.

Responsive Email Patterns — A accumulating of patterns & modules for acknowledging email.

The Drop Calc Method to Actualize Acknowledging HTML Emails

The Ultimate Adviser to CSS — A complete breakdown of the CSS abutment for the best accepted mobile, web and desktop email admirers on the planet.

Accessibility Developer Accoutrement — Accessibility assay and aspect properties.

Alix — Allows you to lint your HTML for Accessibility issues artlessly by applying a stylesheet that makes use of avant-garde CSS selectors.

Appspector — Ascertain web applications and javascript libraries run on browsing website.

Awesome Screenshot — Awning abduction for all or allotment of any web page.

Built With — Acquisition out the technology abaft any website.

Bukket — Awning abduction and almanac activated GIFs all aural the browser.

Chrome Developer Tools

Clear Accumulation — Bright your accumulation and browsing abstracts with a distinct bang of a button.

ColorZilla — Includes a colour picker, eye dropper, acclivity architect and added avant-garde colour accoutrement (available for Firefox too).

10 Template Ideas Christmas Recipe Card Beautiful Free For ..
10 Template Ideas Christmas Recipe Card Beautiful Free For .. | christmas recipe card template free editable

Context Card Chase — Use the right-click card to chase for called argument in altered chase engines.

CSSPeeper — A acute CSS eyewitness tailored for Designers.

CSS Dig — Aggregate and analyse CSS.

CSS Shapes Editor — Interactive editor for CSS Shapes.

DevTools Columnist — A alternative of columnist settings for Chrome Developer Tools.

DevTools Snippets — A accumulating of attainable accoutrement to use central of browser devtools.

Dewey — Bigger bookmarks.

DiagnostiCSS — Helps visually ascertain any potentially invalid, inaccesible or erroneous HTML markup.

Emmet Re:View — Shows angle with all acknowledging media-query breakpoints for accepted page.

Form Filler — Fills all anatomy inputs in a folio with archetype data.

Ghostery — See who is tracking your web browsing.

Go F#cking Assignment — Redirect bootless sites to motivational messages.

Image Admeasurement Advice — Inserts an advantage in the angel ambience card to appearance angel width, acme and book size.

Image Apparatus — Helps you calmly apprehend and accept architecture specs.

JSONView — Validate and appearance JSON documents.

Linkclump — Lets you open, archetype or bookmark assorted links at the aforementioned time.

Marmoset — Actualize cipher snapshots.

Neo Vision — Syntax-highlights antecedent cipher files with customisable themes.

OneTab — Save up to 95% anamnesis and abate tab clutter.

Page Ruler — Draw a aphorism to get pixel ambit and positioning, and admeasurement elements on any web page.

Palette Creator — Actualize a colour palette from any image.

Palette Ninja — An online apparatus that allows you to actualize adapted blush schemes.

Panda — Circadian account and afflatus for designers, developers & entrepreneurs.

PerfectPixel — Advance websites with per-pixel accuracy.

Performance-Analyser — Get acumen into the achievement of the website in the accepted tab — array of a mini alive adaptation of WebPageTest.

Pesticide — Inserts the Pesticide CSS into the accepted page, analogue anniversary aspect to bigger see adjustment on the page.

PHP Animate — Affectation PHP errors & var depression in Google Chrome animate and notification popups, assassinate PHP cipher remotely.

Play — Listen to any Medium article.

Portent’s SEO Folio Review — Review accepted SEO elements and issues on the page.

React Developer Accoutrement — Adds React debugging accoutrement to the Chrome Developer Tools.

Rename Email — Rename cryptic email accountable headlines.

Responsive Web Architecture Tester — Bound examination your acknowledging website designs at the ambit they will be apparent on accepted adaptable devices.

Search Overflow — Chase Stack Overflow answers adapted from DevTools.

Session Buddy — A affair administrator for your browser.

simple-debug.css — Alter your layouts.

Show me the React — Highlights React apparatus on the page.

SnappySnippet — Calmly abstract CSS and HTML from called element. Again accelerate it to CodePen, jsFiddle or JS Bin with one click.

Toby — Administer and organise tabs and calmly acquisition content.

User-Agent Switcher — Switches User-Agent strings to mimic, bluff or affected added browsers or bots.

Web Developer — Adds a toolbar button with assorted web developer tools. The official anchorage of the Web Developer addendum for Firefox.

Web Developer Account — Analyse any web folio for abuse of best practices.

Wildfire — Almanac browser accomplishments again epitomize immediately.

Window Resizer — Resize browser window to challenge assorted awning resolutions.

Automate your tasks calmly with Gulp

Building with Gulp

Grulp — Moving from Grunt to Gulp (or vice-versa)? Get the account of ready-to-use grunt/gulp plugins for your abutting project.

Grunt Devtools — Extends the Developer Tools, abacus accoutrement for Grunt.

Grunt Email Workflow — A Grunt workflow for designing and testing acknowledging HTML email templates with SCSS.

Gulpsetup — A simple starting point for appliance GulpJS.

Gulp for Beginners

Gulp Plugin Registry

Gulp Recipes

Offroadcode Amateur Kit

Compfight — Locate the beheld afflatus you need.

Cool Backgrounds — A accumulating of accoutrement to actualize compelling, colourful images for blogs, amusing media, and websites.

Death to Banal — A quality, unique, banal photo adeptness for creatives attractive to angle out.

Fontastic — Figure chantry generator.

Fontello — A apparatus to body custom fonts with icons.

Freepik — Chargeless agent art, illustrations, icons, PSD and photos.

GlyphSearch — Chase for icons from Chantry Awesome, Glyphicons, IcoMoon, Ionicons, Octicons and Foundation.

Gratisography — Chargeless high-resolution pictures you can use on your claimed and bartering projects.

Iconfinder — The arch chase agent and bazaar abode for agent icons in SVG, PNG, CSH and AI format.

IcoMoon — Pixel absolute figure solutions.

iconmonstr — Chargeless simple icons.

Iconogen — Favicon, Windows 8 Tiles, Apple Touch Figure and iOS7 Figure Generator.

IM Chargeless — Free, alone aerial quality, assets for website architecture &amp; added architecture projects.

Jam icons — Chargeless 890 handcrafted, pixel absolute icons to accomplish your website awesome.

Little Visuals — 7 hi-res images ambiguous up in your inbox every 7 canicule (sadly discontinued but website still active).

Mazwai — Download chargeless artistic aliment HD video clips & footages.

Negative Space — Admirable chargeless images for claimed and bartering use.

New Old Banal — Vintage photos from the attainable archives, chargeless of accepted absorb restrictions.

Nucleo — A library of 2000 acknowledging icons and a web appliance to administer and acclimate them.

Pexels— Chargeless banal photos you can use everywhere.

Picdrome — A growing attainable area agenda photography collection.

picjumbo — 1500 chargeless images in aerial resolution for every designer, blogger and entrepreneur.

pixabay — Over 1,300,000 chargeless aerial affection photos, illustrations, and agent graphics.

Reddit Free_images —Free high-resolution photos.

Skitterphoto — a abode to find, appearance and allotment attainable area photos.

Squoosh — Compress and analyze images with altered codecs, adapted in your browser.

StockSnap — The #1 antecedent for admirable chargeless photos.

SVG Icons — Attainable to use SVG icons for the web.

The Stocks — Best adeptness chargeless banal photos, videos, mockups, icons and fonts.

Unsplash — Beautiful, chargeless photos for everyone.

AGDA Architecture Awards

Best About Pages

Codrops Collective Archive — The latest account and assets from the web architecture & web development community.

codedoodl.es — Artistic cipher sketches.

Design Thinking — Branding insights from Peopledesign.

Inspiring Online — Cool artistic things online.

InVision DesignTalks — Discover acumen from top minds in architecture with DesignTalks from InVision.

Media Queries — A accumulating of adorning websites appliance media queries and acknowledging web design.

Screenings — Watch a ambit of videos apropos to design.

The DO Lectures — Adorning talks.

The Industry — Covering architecture focused startups and people.

The Setup — What do bodies use to get being done?

Typeradio — Interviews about design.

Virgin America — Introduction to new website.

Ways We Assignment — Conversations with bodies accomplishing the assignment they love.

Angular Accumulating — By Juri Strumpflohner.

Every JavaScript activity you should be attractive into

Exercism JavaScript — A agglomeration of abundant little exercises.

Fixing These jQuery — A Adviser to Debugging.

Human JavaScript — By Henrik Joreteg.

JavaScripting.com — A accumulating of the world’s best client-side JavaScript libraries.

JavaScript basics — Mozilla Developer Network.

JavaScript is Sexy — A account of archived articles.

JSbooks — Chargeless JavaScript Books.

jQuery Rain — Another athenaeum of jQuery plugins.

jQWidgets — A affection complete framework with able touch-enabled jQuery widgets.

JSLint — The JavaScript cipher affection tool.

Microjs — Micro-frameworks and Micro-libraries for fun and profit.

Most Important Node.js Modules

plainJS — Vanilla JavaScript for architecture web applications.

Practical ES6 — A Practical Dive into ES6 and Arguable JavaScript Modules.

React Built-in — Apprentice how to accomplish built-in apps appliance React Native.

The Certificate Object Model (DOM)

The Ultimate jQuery Account — A circadian adapted account of plugins & examples for jQuery.

TodoMVC — Helping you baddest an MV* framework.

Unheap — A tidy athenaeum of jQuery plugins.

Vanilla Account — The Vanilla Javascript Repository.

Vue.js — The accelerating JavaScript framework.

Weight Of It — Analyze JavaScript libraries by weight.

You adeptness not charge jQuery plugins

free printable recipe cards 10x10 - Zohre.horizonconsulting
free printable recipe cards 10×10 – Zohre.horizonconsulting | christmas recipe card template free editable

Atom — A hackable argument editor.

Firefox Developer Edition

Fontplop — Takes TTF and OTF files and achievement a web-font bundle.

GitHub Desktop — Simple accord from your desktop.

Google Chrome Canary — The newest of the new Chrome features.

import.io — Instantly about-face web pages into data.

MockFlow — Online wireframe apparatus for software and websites.

Mou — A Markdown editor for developers.

NameChanger — Rename a account of files bound and easily.

Opera Adaptable Adversary — Adaptable debugging on your desktop.

Origami — A chargeless apparatus for designing avant-garde user interfaces.

PixelSnap — The fastest way to admeasurement aggregate on screen.

Sip — A simple colour picker that instantly samples and encodes any colour on your screen.

Smaller — An HTML, CSS and JavaScript compressor which additionally has the adeptness to amalgamate several files into one.

VirtualBox — A general-purpose abounding virtualizer for x86 hardware. Additionally see IE 7 8 9 10 11 Testing VM’s.

A Beginner’s Adviser to Website Acceleration Optimization

Designing for Achievement — Weighing Aesthetics and Speed.

Essential Angel Optimisation

GTmetrix — Website acceleration and achievement optimisation.

How to lose weight in the browser

intoDNS — Checks the bloom and agreement and provides a DNS address and mail server reports.

JS Manners — A apparatus to account scripts that 3rd parties (people or companies alfresco your dev team) accommodate for you to put on your page.

Loader — A chargeless amount testing account that allows you to accent assay your web-apps & apis with bags of circumstantial connections.

netmonitor — A Chrome addendum which shows accomplishments arrangement activity of web pages afterwards they are loaded.

Optimizilla — Shrink JPEG and PNG images to the minimum attainable admeasurement while befitting the adapted akin of quality.

PageSpeed Insights — Accomplish your web pages fast on all devices.

PageSpeed Insights Rules

Performance Account Builder — Lets you lay out your arrangement types, set a admeasurement account for anniversary arrangement type, again bung in the sizes for anniversary asset class that will amount in the template.

Performance Account Calculator — Calculate your website achievement budget.

Pingdom Website acceleration assay — Enter a URL to assay the amount time of that page, analyse it and acquisition bottlenecks.

PNG Crush

Speedtest — Broadband testing and assay tools.

testmy.net — Website absolute acceleration assay (note that the abstracts are to/from the TestMyNet Server).

WebPagetest — Assay a website’s performance.

Website Acceleration Assay Angel Assay Apparatus — This apparatus provides assessable and actionable advice about how to go above simple compression.

Web Tracing Framework — Affluent accoutrement for instrumenting, analyzing, and visualizing web apps.

Yellow Lab Accoutrement — An attainable antecedent assay to advice dispatch up abundant web pages.

YSlow — Analyse web pages and why they are apathetic based on Yahoo’s rules for aerial achievement web sites.

Compressor.io — Compress and optimise your images.

Craft — A apartment of plugins to let you architecture with absolute abstracts in mind.

Export your agent layers from PS to SVG

Fontea — 800 Google Fonts in your Photoshop.

Ghoster — Attainable if you accept a greyscale account you appetite to transform to transparent.

Photoshop Etiquette — A adviser to apparent web architecture in Photoshop.

PluginMate — Advantageous accoutrement for designers.

Psddd — Admirable Dribble freebies.

PSD Repo — Chargeless PSDs attainable for download.

Oven — Bake your Photoshop layers.

Skala Examination — Sends lossless, colour authentic angel previews to any iOS or Android device.

Style Tiles — A beheld web architecture process.

Subtle Patterns — Chargeless textures for your abutting web project.

SVG Layers — Import SVG files as editable agent layers.

UberPlugins — Photoshop Extensions, Accoutrement & Resources.

Unsplash It — Admirable placeholder images.

Best Practices, Tips, and Assets for Activity Management

Design Dart Kit — Assets for planning and active a Google architecture sprint.

Kickass PM — A faculty of association for Agenda Activity Managers.

Project and Account Communication Articles

Project administration for non-project managers

Project Administration Practices for Technology Teams

Project management, tools, process, affairs and activity planning tips

The Answer To Your Activity Administration Activity Headaches

The Activity Administration Acquirements Center

The Ultimate Introduction to Activity Administration Fundamentals

The Ultimate Activity Administration Guide

Browserhacks — An all-encompassing account of browser specific CSS and JavaScript hacks.

Can I use — Web browser affinity reference.

Code Adorn — Chargeless online accoutrement to beautify, validate, minify, analyse and catechumen JSON, XML, JavaScript, CSS & HTML.

Codrops CSS Advertence — An all-encompassing CSS advertence with all the important backdrop and info.

Cross Browser Handbook Knowledgebase

CSS Advertence — An Alphabetical account of CSS Properties.

cssreference.io — A chargeless beheld adviser to CSS.

DevDocs — Combines assorted API documentations in a fast, organised, and searchable interface.

Digital Casework Accepted — The Agenda Account Accepted ensures agenda teams body government casework that are simpler, clearer and faster for all users.

DPI adulation — Calmly acquisition the DPI/PPI of any screen.

Facebook Attainable Source

FireFox Armpit Affinity — Browse all abstracts accompanying to Firefox armpit compatibility.

getAwesomeness() — Retrieve all the amazing awesomeness from Github.

Gethtml — All the HTML elements.

Google Avant-garde Chase Operators Tips and Tricks

HTML5 Please — Look up HTML5, CSS3, etc features, apperceive if they are attainable for use, and if so acquisition out how you should use them.

HTML Advertence — A chargeless adviser to HTML.

HTTP Archive — Periodically crawls the top sites on the web and almanac abundant advice about fetched resources, acclimated web belvedere APIs and features, and beheading traces of anniversary page.

Is It Maintained? — Analysis the activity of attainable antecedent projects.

Online regex tester and debugger

Public APIs — A curated account of APIs from annular the web.

Responsive Assets — A accumulating of assets about the assorted aspects of acknowledging web design.

searchcode — Chase over 20 billion curve of code.

The Active Coach — Atlassian’s common adviser to active development.

The Filigree Arrangement — The ultimate adeptness in filigree systems.

The Web platform: Browser technologies

What Web Can Do Today — An overview of the accessory affiliation HTML5 APIs.

Adaptive Images — Ascertain your visitor’s awning admeasurement and automatically creates, caches, and delivers accessory adapted re-scaled versions of your web page’s anchored HTML images.

Designmodo Acknowledging Web Architecture Assay Apparatus — Assay while you body your acknowledging design.

deviceponsive — Appearance a quick examination of your website’s acknowledging to altered accessory resolutions like Macbook, iPad, or iPhone. allotment this examination with your client.

Embed Responsively — Helps body acknowledging bury codes for embedding affluent third-party media (i.e. YouTube, Vimeo) into acknowledging web pages.

Flexible Math — A quick way to get pixel widths in percentages.

Gridpak — A acknowledging filigree generator.

Interchange — Interchange uses media queries to dynamically amount acknowledging agreeable that is adapted for altered users’ browsers.

Modularscale — Calculate, visualize, and apprentice about modular scales.

mydevice.io — Accepted smartphones and tablets accessories values.

NavNav — A ton of CSS, jQuery, and JavaScript acknowledging aeronautics examples, demos, and tutorials from all over the web.

responsivepx — Acquisition that catchy breakpoint.

Responsiver — Acknowledging architecture testing.

Responsive.is — Affectation and present acknowledging web designs.

Responsive Angel Breakpoints Architect — Calmly accomplish the optimal acknowledging angel dimensions.

Responsive Angel Hotspots Creator

Responsive Aeronautics — Accepted methods of ambidextrous with acknowledging navigation.

Responsive Patterns — A alternation of patterns that are advantageous back putting calm your website designs.

Responsive Web Folio Layouts — Blueprint your pages in minutes.

RQRWD —A apparatus which allows you to assignment out the elements amplitude in % from px.

Screenfly — Assay your website at altered awning resolutions.

Screen Sizes — Bound acquisition the awning blueprint of the best accepted accessories and monitors currently on the market.

Sizzy — Examination changes on assorted accessories instantly.

The W3C Adaptable Checker

Viewport Resizer — Body your own bookmarklet to assay any website’s responsiveness.

Viewport Sizes — A ample accumulating of accessory viewport sizes to abetment with acknowledging architecture and adaptable web sites/apps.

A absolute adviser to Sass

A Beheld Adviser to Sass & Ambit Blush Functions

Atomic Docs — A appearance adviser architect and basic manager.

Buttons — A CSS button library congenital with SASS & Compass.

css2sass — Catechumen CSS Snippets to SASS code.

css2scss — This advocate takes (valid) CSS and generates ambit (scss) code, SASS or bankrupt css for it.

10 Free Printable Christmas Recipe Card Template 10 ..
10 Free Printable Christmas Recipe Card Template 10 .. | christmas recipe card template free editable

Koala — A GUI appliance for Less, Sass, Ambit and CoffeeScript compilation.

Sache — Acquisition the absolute apparatus for your abutting Sass or Ambit project.

Sass.js — An online Amphitheater for Sass.js.

Sass Break — An advancing account of Sass resources.

Sass Affinity — Reporting incompatibilities amid altered Sass engines.

SassDoc — A affidavit system.

SassMe — Visualise SASS blush functions afterwards compiling.

sassify — A configurable CSS to SCSS converter.

Sass Guidelines — An adamant appearance adviser for autograph arguable and scalable Sass.

Sassisfaction — A abode to allotment Sass resources.

Sassquatch — Alive Sass previews for OS X.

SassMeister — A amphitheater for Sass, Compass, and LibSass. Add some Sass and SassMeister will appearance you the rendered CSS.

Sass Advertence — SitePoint Sass Reference.

Scout-App — Sass afterwards hassle.

The Ultimate SASS Assets & Tools

50 Meticulous Appearance Guides Every Startup Should See Afore Launching

Bits — The front-end basic library for 24 ways.



Code For America

Crew’s App Appearance Guide


Envato Bazaar Styleguide

Find Guidelines — The fastest way to acquisition cast assets.

Griffith University — Web appearance guide.

Lonely Planet

Material UI

MailChimp UX

Mozilla Sandstone

Nachos — Trello’s architecture system.

Poor Man’s Styleguide — A quick-and-dirty frontend styleguide, advised to be affected and pasted into your CMS.



Starbuck’s Appearance Guide

Style Adviser Adviser — A boilerplate for creating superb appearance guides.


Uber Cast Guide

Website Appearance Adviser Resources


Browsersync — Synchronised browser testing.

Browser Shots — Analysis browser compatibility.

Building a Accessory Lab

Can I use — Tells you which browsers abutment what and from which version.

Clean Cipher Linters

Detergent.io — Clean and catechumen the argument from the applicant abrupt (PSD, Sketch, Illustrator, Word, Excel, etc), so you can adhesive it beeline into the HTML code.

Dirty Markup — Tidy up your HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code.

Firefox Developer Accoutrement — Examine, edit, and alter HTML, CSS, and JavaScript on the desktop and on mobile.

Fold Tester — Uses abstracts from millions of website visits to anticipate how acceptable a company is to see your content.

HTML5 Please — Look up HTML5 & CSS3 features, apperceive if they are attainable to use, and if so acquisition out how you should use them.

IE NetRenderer — Allows you to analysis how a website is rendered by an earlier adaptation of Internet Explorer.

JavaScript Achievement Amphitheater — An attainable way to actualize and allotment assay cases, comparing the achievement of altered JavaScript snippets by active benchmarks.

Microsoft Edge Developer Tools

NTH-TEST — A quick and attainable way to assay your nth-child and nth-of-type.

Paragrabbr — A apparatus for prototyping the branch agreeable of your website.

Peek — See and apprehend a 5-minute video of a absolute being appliance your armpit or app.

Perfmap — A heatmap of assets loaded in the browser.

Qaid — Helps you carbon your architecture in the browser.

Quality Assurance Accoutrement — A curated account of accoutrement and applications accurately focused on convalescent the affection of your software.

SSL Analysis — Scan your website for non-secure content.

TogetherJS — Add absolute time accord appearance to your website.

Visual Regression Testing — A chargeless 6-day email advance on WebdriverCSS.

W3C Developer Accoutrement — Lead your cipher to its abounding abeyant with abundant and attainable antecedent tools.

Your Browser — Can be accustomed to admirers to actuate their browser, operating arrangement & awning resolution.

AlloyUI — Able-bodied UI accoutrement at your fingertips.

BackgroundCheck — Automatically about-face to a darker or a lighter adaptation of an aspect depending on the accuracy of images abaft it.

Building a all-over architecture accent with components

CALL to IDEA — Components, Layouts & Utilities.

Daily UI Architecture Challenge — Become a bigger artist in 100 days.

Designing for iOS

Eager — Improve your website for chargeless with apps you can install in seconds.

Laws of UX — A accumulating of the maxims and attempt that designers can accede back architecture user interfaces.

Mapbox — A mapping belvedere for developers.

Natasha Hockey Arrangement Library — The purpose of this arrangement library is to advertise and affectation the apparatus acclimated in a portfolio website.

OS X Human Interface Guidelines

Picksum Ipsum — A badass argument architect will accord you the best curve from some of the hardest Hollywood legends.

Random Thing Architect — For back you absolutely charge to appear up with accidental names, places and businesses and aloof can’t.

Random User Architect — Like Lorem Ipsum, but for people.

TabPatterns — Book UI Patterns.

The Arrangement Library — A accumulation of chargeless patterns.

UI Talks — Acquisition talks on annihilation accompanying to User Experience design.

UX Crash Course: 31 Fundamentals

UX Recorder — Adaptable web armpit testing for iOS.

UX, Usability and User-Interface Architecture — By Userbrain.

90 examples of A11y adjustable colour combinations

A11y — Web accessibility audits powered by the Chrome Accessibility Developer Tools.

A11Y Appearance Guide

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10 Template Ideas Free Christmas Recipe Card For Word And .. | christmas recipe card template free editable
10 Free Christmas Recipe Card Template For Word Ideas ..
10 Free Christmas Recipe Card Template For Word Ideas .. | christmas recipe card template free editable
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100 Recipe Card Template For Word Free Card10 Unbelievable .. | christmas recipe card template free editable
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Christmas Recipe Card Template Free Editable ] – recipe card .. | christmas recipe card template free editable
I made these free printable Christmas recipe cards for you ..
I made these free printable Christmas recipe cards for you .. | christmas recipe card template free editable