Quiklo Review – All you need to know About This Stunning Application

At times, there are situations when we wish to buy a product and fall short of money. The absence of credit card in our pockets disallows us to buy the product from online shopping websites. What to do in such situations? Quiklo is one of the best applications that can help you out in dealing with such a situation. It is one of the India’s first loan providing platforms designed especially for the students. Go through this post and learn how this fascinating application works to ease out the payment process for the students.

Quiklo – A Brief

Quiklo has emerged to be a rescuer for the students who don’t own a credit card. Now, they can easily go for EMI on debit card option with Quiklo while making a purchase for their favorite product. Buying a smartphone, laptop, camera, or any other high-end product could not have been so simple. You can easily purchase the exclusive range of products listed on Amazon and Flipkart via Quiklo. All you have to do is install their app on your device and create a free account. Now, check out for your favorite products and buy it on EMI.

How it Works?

If you want to buy HP laptops on EMI without credit card then you must go to Quiklo. Not only laptops, there are a plethora of products that can be purchased on EMI. It is easy to make a purchase through Quiklo. Just follow these simple steps.

  • Open the app and go to products section.
  • Select the best product of your choice from the available options.
  • Make an application for the EMI. All you have to do is upload the required documents and get the approval within a day.
  • Select the loan tenure and payment option that suits you.
  • Get the product delivered to your address within 2 days.
  • Now, you need to pay the EMIs according to the tenure decided. Moreover, Quiklo will remind you about the EMI due date.

How Quiklo help you in Getting Easy Finances?

If you have already decided to buy HP laptops on EMI without credit card using Quiklo services then be ready with the required documents and some down payment that will be required to get loan from Quiklo. It will help you getting the easy finances in different ways.

  • Monthly Installments: You will never feel the burden on your shoulders while paying the funds that have been given to you as loan by Quiklo. You can make the monthly installments from 1 month to 12 months period. The rate of interest will be much lower than regular interest rates on loan.
  • Flexible & Transparent: It is you who have to decide the loan tenure. There are no hidden fees or any surprises that might hurt you later.
  • No Credit History: Quiklo provides you the loans irrespective of any financial factor. It doesn’t checks your financial history. So, for getting your loan approved, you require the right set of documents.

It is really easy to get the loan approval for buying certain product online using Quiklo. You just need to fulfill its terms and get your loan request approved within a day. It’s so easy. You can make the EMI on debit card with Quiklo if you don’t own a credit card.

Payment Options

Once you have brought the product, you can choose to pay through different modes including the EMI on debit card option, net banking, paying cash at Quiklo office, or through different digital wallets that you might be using. It provides you with flexible payment options so that it becomes easy for you to pay the EMIs on time. You can also opt for auto-debit feature in which the money will be debited automatically on the EMI-payment date.


Quiklo has its FAQ section to provide support to its users. You can even ask for support through the live chat. Moreover, you can contact them at support email – hello@quiklo.com or can even Whatsapp them at 8861000010.

The Last Words

Quiklo is an emerging application that is designed for the students. It understands that not every student is equipped with credit card or money to buy any expensive product. So, it makes it easier for the students to make purchases on EMI that too without a credit card.

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