Apple Promises to Replace lost Airpods for $69

At the point when Apple initially presented its remote earbuds, the AirPods, the web was swarmed with jokes about losing them.

Yes, they do accompany a convenient compact charger case, and yes, Tim Cook claims they don’t slip out of your ear effortlessly, yet there will even now definitely be various individuals who will one day scrounge through their pocket to discover they’ve lost one or both earbuds.

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Apple knows about this, so it has an arrangement for this consequence. On the off chance that you lose one AirPod, or a charging case, you can get another one for $69.

The data originates from an upgraded Apple bolster record for the iPhone, initially saw by AppleInsider.

“On the off chance that your AirPods or charging case get harmed unintentionally, you can pay an out-of-guarantee expense. Also, on the off chance that you lose an AirPod or you’re charging case, we can swap your lost thing for an expense,” the record says.

The record additionally records the cost for battery benefit on the AirPods: $49 for each earbud or the case in the event that despite everything they’re secured by guarantee, and $69 on the off chance that they’re out-of-guarantee.

The AirPods, which are as of now accessible on the web and may come to Apple retail locations on Dec. 19, retail for $159. We’ll abandon it to you to choose whether Apple’s cost of $69 for one lost AirPod is a reasonable arrangement or not.

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